SC2013 Youtube Lectures

Complex Network Theory: introduction and applications
Stefano Boccaletti. CNR-Complex Systems Institute (Florence, Italy)

Scale-Free Risk Modeling.
Regino Criado. Professor of Applied Mathematics. Rey Juan Carlos University.
Víctor Chapela Barba. CEO of Sm4rt Corp.

"Threat Horizon 2015: More danger from known threats."
Adrian Davis. Principal Research Analyst, Information Security Forum.

"CASANDRA: one framework for managing technological risk."
Juan Manuel Vara. Kybele Research Group Member. Professor at Rey Juan Carlos University.
Marcos López. Kybele Research Group Member. Lecturer at Rey Juan Carlos University.

"CASANDRA in practice: development of a Security Master Plan."
Rafael Ortega García. General Manager of Innovation 4 Security.

Roundtable: "Methodologies and tools for intentional risks analysis"
Moderator: Luis Fernández Delgado. Revista SIC Publisher. CODA Editions.

José Antonio Mañas. Professor of Telecommunications E.T.S.I. Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and independent consultant on communications networks and security.
Juan Corredor Pinilla. IT Risk Governance Manager. BBVA Group
Rafael Ortega García. General Manager of Innovation 4 Security.
Javier Candau. Chief of Cyber Security Area, National Crypto Centre (CCN).

"Statistical mechanichs and information theory as the basis of statistical security"
Teresa Correas Ubiera. CISO Innovation. BBVA Group
Roberto Ortiz Plaza. InfoSec Engineering. BBVA Group
Santiago Moral Rubio


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