SC2011 YouTube Summaries

"Security and business: the dilemma of the Hedgehog"
Alberto Partida. Security Specialist. Author of "IT Securiteers. Setting up an IT Security Function"


"Anti-Phising Working Group"
Gary Warner. Director of Research in Computer Forensics. The University of Alabama at Birmingham.


"Threat Horizon: Identifying Future Trends"
Adrian Davis. Principal Research Analyst. Information Security Forum.


"The risk of the unpredictable: "The Black Swans""
José Antonio Manas. Professor of ETSI telecommunication. Polytechnic University of Madrid.


"From hacking to Artificial Intelligence"
Víctor Chapela. Chairman of the Board. Sm4rt Security.


"The rise of cyber crime: How lagging security measures fuel the growth in organized fraud"
Richard Stiennon. Chief Research Analyst. IT Harvest


"Data protection and new technological challenges"
Artemi Rallo. Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Professor of Constitutional Law at the University Jaume I of Castellón.


"The law of personal data protection in Mexico"
Angel Trinidad Zaldivar. Commissioner of the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Personal Data of Mexico (IFAI)


"Legal certainty and critical aspects of data protection"
Francisco Javier Puyol. Director Corporate Litigation Legal Advice. BBVA


"Understanding and Managing SaaS and Cloud Computing Risks"
Tom Scholtz. VP Distinguished Analyst. Gartner.


"Darwinian co-evolution as a strategy in Technological Innovation applied to Risk Management"
Santiago Moral Rubio. Chief Information Security Officer. Grupo BBVA.


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