Monday, June 18, 2018

Anticipate the threats

We live in a time where jewelry theft is forgotten and we can only see it in 90’s movies. Nowadays, data stealing is the trend. Thieves are not going into museums looking for the biggest diamonds, but into digital ecosystems.  These threats are way more difficult to manage. From a terrorist attack to a natural disaster, are the consequences that these stealing can lead to. We are all in danger in one way or another. The diamonds stealing in an American way is no longer remembered and now, a new kind of thieve is the thief of the XXI century.

Everbridge, the company is charge of these critical events helps governments and companies not only to react but to get ready and to anticipate to possible threats. Javier Colado, SVP of International Sales at Everbridge, shows us how the company works with companies when attacks happen or when they have not happened yet.

 Colado has worked with worldwide companies like McAfee and SAP, but he chose to work with Everbridge because of diverse reasons: “I chose to come to Everbridge for two reasons: firstly, it’s unique in the market as our solutions help keep people safe and can even save lives; secondly, there is huge potential for us to grow out of the USA.”

Helping organizations to deal with the digital world difficulties is one of the main points of the company: “Businesses today typically manage critical events in silos that use disparate data sources and un-integrated tools, making it difficult to achieve a common operational view of threats and of the status of response. A Critical Event Management (CEM) platform like ours helps unify this process by offering a combination of real-time monitoring, situational awareness and integrated response and collaboration solutions from a single, enterprise-wide view.” Explains Colado. This platform not only helps the safety of companies’ employees but it tracks incoming threats that can rise actively in the less familiar places, like the emerging markets.

Javier Colado explains the functions of the CEM platform in Everbridge: “Our CEM platform also helps organizations develop a common operating picture of their risk events, with the ability to assess threats impacting assets or systems, locate responders, resolvers and stakeholders, automate incident response workflows and analyze all results to improve future response efforts.”

Recently, Everbridge took a survey about the main security and protection problems that these companies are fighting to. They discovered that the organizations were worried about the risk of violence in the workplace. Companies said that the biggest challenge was to communicate with people in the affected building. The 37% of the companies said that they kept track of where their employees are supposed to be at any time and only a 25% tracks dynamically their employees when a threat is happening to adapt their alerts.

So, in emergency situations like a shooting, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, a platform like CEM in Everbridge can be a solution for safety in an area that is usually not tracked. 


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