Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The employee of the month

Many organizations count on monthly award programs with the goal of recognizing the achievements and efforts of their members. The employee of the month turns to be the reference worker of the companies thanks to his/hers good work. Companies show bigger compromises towards their contributors day by day and develop endless activities with the goal of encouraging motivation and strengthen the commitment ties. But, what happens with the rest of the employees?

According to the poll made by Ipsos, 1 out of every 3 workers in the USA admits a potentially risky behavior at work. A really worrying fact that brings up important security problems for American companies.

But, where do these risks come from? When evaluating the cause of the data infractions, the poll found out that the negligence or the employee’s slips are the major cause. For example, a 47% of the C-Suite executives and a 42% of small businesses owners informed that the human mistake has been the cause of a datum violation on previous occasions. As well as the case of the external suppliers, one out of every four C-Suites and one out of every 5 SBO explained that the human mistake or the accidental loss of an external supplier caused a datum violation in their organizations.

The results of the study clearly show that the apparently harmless habits of the workers can actually create a great security risk and cause big financial, reputational and legal risks for the company. If an enterprise wants to protect its datum better, the key is to give the employees access to security and ability practices. That is why, according to the report, it was found out that a 78% of the C-Suites and one out of every 4 SBOs plan to train their staff on procedures and politics of information security over the next year.

Working remotely or out of the workplace make the possibilities of suffering a data violation way bigger. The 86% of the C-Suites and a 60% of the SBOs determine that the risk of a data violation is bigger when the employees work outside the workplace than when they work at the office.

Taking notes in paper, leaving work documents in sight when leaving your work by the end of the day or losing company devices such as cell phones and tablets during corporate trips, are the principal human focus of the data violation.

It is about human mistakes that can result expensive to the company. To raise awareness and train the employees on this security matter is essential. Remember, the next employee of the month could be you. 


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