Monday, June 25, 2018

Excel table

Who has never found an Excel file with thousands of datum that he has not been able to face? Formulas, numbers, cells... And everything is there to facilitate the work and access and store datum in a more organized way. Of course, more organized in case the person knows how to work on these datum the right way. If that’s not the case, you can find yourself overwhelmed by digits, letters, and a disorganization that can put your work in danger.

According to Christopher Ott, a former senior counterintelligence and cyber counsel at the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) National Security Division, getting lost between metrics, datum and tools whose functions are unknown, entails a threat as big as not having them.

The new partner of David Wright Tremaine, Christopher Ott, gives a review over the threats that the companies face nowadays and the most peculiar cybernetic investigations that he has worked at. Ott’s expectations on Davis Wright Tremaine are clear: ‘’I want to build on their privacy and data security practice, and I want to partner with the technology and media practices at the firm to help clients with cyber investigations, regulatory action and related litigation. The specific things I’ll be doing is trying to get companies ready beforehand to have the right procedures and controls in place for cyber incidents’’.

Nowadays, he thinks that the major cybernetic threat for the actual private sector is this: ‘’the main bad actors are still out there, like the nation-states, criminal syndicates, etc. But what I see being the biggest threat to the private sector is actually translating cyber risk into strategic action. Companies can see so many metrics, but they don’t necessarily have the context to separate the signal from the noise, to know that this list of numbers in front of them about the server logs shows they have a weakness.’’

Christopher Ott has had the chance to work in very diverse projects that have allowed him to acquire a very wide vision of the cybersecurity system. Investigations as singular as the case of the USA against David Brooks:  ‘’that eight-month securities fraud trial had everything: money, greed, celebrity, and drugs. It was crazy enough that Stephen Colbert did a segment on it that will seem exaggerated. It wasn’t; it was even crazier’’.

The lack of talents and the lack of companies’ priority towards cybersecurity, is one of the most worrying topics for Ott: ‘’every day, officials have to work harder and smarter to share information to actually help protect people in the best possible way. It’s disheartening to see a position like cybersecurity coordinator go away. But the hope is that it’s an opportunity for more and better efforts. We need as many smart people working hard on this, all the time.’’

A different point of view that trusts the talent, the human values and the right utilization of tools in order to face the threats that are given nowadays in the world of cybersecurity. A world that, as on a chaotic Excel document, can cause organizations huge headaches.


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