Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's play Risk

Risk is a classic board game that we all know about. It was really popular in the sixties and it was in everyone’s home. Based on the Napoleonic wars, Risk needs a strategy to conquer the board and to defeat your enemy. Dices, cards and luck are combined in this game. It happens the same in the battle for the cyber world, where you have to make your choices right to not get trapped by the enemy. The strategy is the key.  

Cybercrime costs millions and millions of euros each year to companies, and Smarttech247 is playing a major role in this battle. Ronan Murphy, founder and executive director from Smarttech247 was interviewed by Pádraig Hoare and talked about the smartest ways to fight against cybercrime. 

Murphy is clear when talking about how things are changing in this war. “It was in 2012 when people started to care about it. There were some failures in our security and as these infractions were known, more people cared. We are like the kids in the ditches, we are being watched by the enemy and we have to protect the organizations.”

Europol said that the global impact of the cybercrimes has risen to €2.5 billion. It’s more profitable than drug dealing. Murphy said that “this meant that the evil forces are innovating. Bad people have access to a $billion black market that is not being regulated. It’s Bigger than the worldwide drug dealing.” Because of this, organized crime gangs and hackers are evolving and getting better in their capacities to obtain data and compromise companies as much as they can. Like they do in a superhero movie, evil forces will train to achieve their goals.

Ronan Murphy says that the SMEs are the more vulnerable companies to these attacks: “In a standard company, only the 10% of their data is structured. This means that you know where it is and how to index it and how to call it. But if you look in every data your Samsung phone, your iPad or your laptop has, or in servers, email or apps… those data are not structured”.

Smarttech247 has become a lead company in this sector due to its growth: “A big part of the technology we’re making here in Smarttech247 is the first one like this in the world and it’s designed to solve the problem and give images, documents and emails visibility”. 

When talking about the best profile for future cybersecurity workers, Murphy said that “the ones with exceptional mathematical abilities will have more chance of finding a job like this”.

New players are joining the game. This is just starting and we’ve changed the guns for invisible soldiers.


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