Friday, May 25, 2018

A trip to Las Vegas

Get ready because we’re going to Las Vegas! As it happens in cybersecurity, Las Vegas is a city where you can surprise you at any time. Because of that, this week news review is about the city of lights, casinos and gambling. We have our cards to play against hackers. Who will win? 

Cybersecurity workers are tired: a non-efficient work with loads of weak passwords, vulnerabilities in BMW and not-safe-enough networks in big cities, like Las Vegas.

Cybersecurity workers need to calm down. Trustwave published the 2018 security pressures report based on a survey made to 1.600 IT professionals that have to make safety decisions and that are responsible of the company safety. This report shows worrying data because most of the IT and cybersecurity professionals experienced higher pressures in 2017 than they did in the year before due to an increase of sophisticated malware, the lack of security talent and the money restrictions. 26% of the times, threats in advanced security and vulnerabilities in day zero are still worrying workers. 39% of the surveyed said that high-level executives, council members and business owners are pushing IT and security workers too much. Maybe they could deserve some holidays…

All this pressure makes that the job doesn’t have the quality that it should have had to keep hackers away. Every time we are having more and more passwords and they’re weaker, so most of the recent violations are a result of that. Hackers are always looking for new ways to explode password-protected systems. You should take a look to your passwords periodically and make them stronger.

A holiday in Las Vegas driving a BMW could be a great idea for IT workers. But be careful, Chinese security investigators have discovered more than a dozen vulnerabilities in the BMW cars computers. Some of them might be exploited from the outside to compromise the vehicle’s safety. Security failures were discovered during a security exam realized between 2017 and 2018 by investigators from Keen Security Lab, a research unity from Tencent, a Chinese cybersecurity company.

Las Vegas, the city that has it all… including unsafe networks. In the city of gambling, it exists a 43% of chances that users are connected to high or medium risks networks. This is a lot if we compare it with the less than 1% that exist in less vulnerable areas, says the latest Coronet research.

It’s a trip where you can take risks. Every day in a worker day can be like that, they don’t know how the day is going to end. But there’s something that is true, conditions, budgets and tensions need to get better so that hackers can be defeated more often. 


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