Friday, May 11, 2018

Cyber "Got Talent"

Every day we see dozens of talent shows in which contestants have to show their abilities in front of a jury that will not allow one mistake. Artistic pressure is higher when performing in front of cameras and a very strict audience. Contestants are usually young and without experience that are fighting for their first big opportunity. 

In the Cyber Security world happens something similar. Instead of showing a talent in front of a jury, you have to do it in front of external threats. As it happens in the shows, the time is limited. These are “new” jobs that are being watched by young people as their big opportunity. Are these young people the key to build the cybersecurity walls? 

Lack of talented people is common. Despite the necessity of new cybersecurity talent against an increase of cyber-attacks, (ISC) 2 says that the lack of talent may get to 1.8 million job vacancies for 2020. The recruiting looking for years of experience, abilities, complex techniques and many other certifications, will make that there are not going to be qualified people for this jobs in the future. Researchers have shown that millennials and post-millennials are key to solve the lack of abilities because the younger generations understand and recognize the part that technology has in their future careers. Education is key and making the job more attractive for younger generations will make that this harder for future hackers.

But how is currently going the situation for professionals? Outpost24 surveyed 155 IT professionals and revealed that the 42% of them ignored the critical security problems when they don’t know how to solve them and the 16% of them don’t even have time to try it. These data are worrying when analyzing the number of attacks that our companies are receiving every year. As the talent show contestants, these workers are overwhelmed by the complexity of the attacks.  They were also asked about how quickly the known vulnerabilities were remedied. The 16% said that they check the cybersecurity once in a month; the 7% said that they do it every trimester. The 5% said that they only check their cybersecurity once or twice in a year, and this is worrying. Only the 47% of the organizations took measures as soon as they discover the threat.

But not every news is going to be bad news for cybersecurity workers. Peerlyst is an important platform for cybersecurity professionals. Peerlyst contains a huge quantity of content created for the community, formation, panels, meetings all around the world and it’s all made by the community. A user can choose the theme, persons, products and companies and will obtain a personalized feed of community generated content and also, some external news. Users can be called into publications or jobs that might interest them. It’s an ideal platform for cyber workers.

Lights and shadows are the set of a talent show. Showing your talent might be complicated if you have a chronometer behind you or if you are overwhelmed by the quantity of lights. Hackers are going to show no mercy and are going to be harder than any TV jury. 


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