Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A slot machine through the clouds

Slot machines, the gaming machines in where you introduce a coin and have the possibility of winning the big prize and making it expulse hundreds of coins. Less and less slot machines can be seen because nowadays you can play those games on the internet. There’s invisible money, invisible prizes and also, hackers waiting for their opportunity to get their own prize. When migrating company data to the cloud, hackers insert the coin that will make them winners of the big prize: a coin with a value of millions of dollars if they play it right. 

Cryptohacking has become a main flow between hackers and companies that are fighting to learn the fulfillment requirements in the public cloud, as said by the last RedLock research. 

But, what’s crypto hacking? It’s an evil activity in which a person uses someone’s computer to mine cryptocurrency by using code that can be installed without the user’s permits.

More and more, companies are being more conscious about the compromises when opening an account in the cloud and the measures they need to take. But there’s still a lack of new attacking vectors that are getting to the market. Redlock discovered in previous occasions, hacker’s infiltrations in Tesla, Aviva and Gemalto’s public clouds.  Nowadays, the stealing resources techniques for crypto coins have risen and the hackers have made their techniques better.

RedLock’s research said that one out of four organizations suffered a cryptockeo, which means an increase of 3 times the 8% that was reported in the last trimester. 85% of the resources didn’t have firewall restrictions in the outcoming traffic. Better practices when talking about cybersecurity are to restrict the online traffic to stop the accidental data lose or the filtration when not doing it right. Redlock says that it’s better for companies to have a firewall policy and that they should supervise online activity looking for suspicious traffic, like the communication with crypto mining groups.

New and old problems are living together in the organizations. Old problems like the filtrated credentials in GitHub repositories, not enough protected Kubernetes administrative interfaces and web servers are living at the same time with new threats like metadata public cloud’s API. This means that the data in a virtual machine in the cloud can be used to configure its own functioning, sending a question by an API to obtain access credentials to that cloud when using a virtual machine. 

There’re new techniques to get the big prize. Hackers are adapting to a new era through cryptojacking, an activity that has lived in the shadows for years and, nowadays, it’s coming up again and every cybersecurity professional is going to be talking about it. 


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