Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Downloading vulnerability...

Have you ever counted how many apps there are in your smartphone? You should. The average user has 28 downloaded apps in their phone, but the number of downloads is way bigger. Almost every day we download apps of all kinds and delete others, so the traffic in our smartphone never stops. This means the highway to hackers. In the war between iOS and Android, when the stores are fighting, Android loses.  

The security evaluation done by Appknox and Seworks says that more than the 84% of the buying apps in Android have three or more high-level security vulnerabilities.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Back to the Future

Marty McFly, a teenager, is friends with Doc, a scientist that everybody believes he’s crazy. When Doc creates a machine that can travel through time, an error makes Marty get to the year 1955, before his parents met. After stopping their first encounter, he should get them to meet and marry; if else, hi won’t exist anymore. Going back in time to avoid making mistakes is something that could be great when talking about cybersecurity. 

In our interest to show the newest in the sector, it’s worth reading today’s interview to David G. DeWalt, founder of NightDragos Security and partner in Allegis Cyber and Momentum Cyber and more than other 15 companies, for Cyber Defense Magazine. David G. DeWalt is also known for being the vice-president of Delta Air Lines in the security department. David will guide us through the timeline of cybersecurity because to know the future, we have to know how it all started. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

A trip to Las Vegas

Get ready because we’re going to Las Vegas! As it happens in cybersecurity, Las Vegas is a city where you can surprise you at any time. Because of that, this week news review is about the city of lights, casinos and gambling. We have our cards to play against hackers. Who will win? 

Cybersecurity workers are tired: a non-efficient work with loads of weak passwords, vulnerabilities in BMW and not-safe-enough networks in big cities, like Las Vegas.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The first thing you do when you get to the office

Its 9am, you make your coffee and sit in your work seat to start your working day. The first thing you do is to check your Outlook mail, then you work on your PowerPoint presentation and then you insert names and phones in the company Excel database. Office365 is the suite that we most use in a daily basis and in most of the companies that work with data and confidential information for organizations, but… Is it safe? 

As a result of the Redmon expansion, there’s the risk that more threats are happening inside its structure, and more precisely, inside the email. Osterman Research informed in 2017 that 41% of the organizations aren’t sure of what to do when complementing their safety.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hacking The Pentagon

Today we’re going to talk about The Pentagon, the headquarters of the Defense Department in the United States. In this building, 23.000 militaries and citizens are working along 3000 supporters. The Pentagon is located in Arlington, Virginia.  Right now, The Pentagon is the biggest office building in the world. What’s interesting about it is that it’s also one of the most protected buildings in the world. It’s is nothing more than the United States Defense Department, what makes the government make great investments in their security to store there new and technological projects. But, what would you say if they tried to hack their own system? 

In today’s interview to Lisa Wiswell from Grimm & HackerOne, Security area’s leader with more than 10 years in programming experience and cyberwar, talked about the program “Hack the Pentagon”.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A game in the work break

After several hours working with your computer, hours by the phone with a client, long meetings starring at a clock, it’s finally your resting time at the office. They’ve talked to you about a really cool game for your smartphone so you download it so you can be distracted. You play a couple of games while making your coffee in the machine and you read your personal email on the computer. It all seems harmless…  

By using the computer in your workspace for your personal stuff you are risking your personal and your company data and information.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A slot machine through the clouds

Slot machines, the gaming machines in where you introduce a coin and have the possibility of winning the big prize and making it expulse hundreds of coins. Less and less slot machines can be seen because nowadays you can play those games on the internet. There’s invisible money, invisible prizes and also, hackers waiting for their opportunity to get their own prize. When migrating company data to the cloud, hackers insert the coin that will make them winners of the big prize: a coin with a value of millions of dollars if they play it right. 

Cryptohacking has become a main flow between hackers and companies that are fighting to learn the fulfillment requirements in the public cloud, as said by the last RedLock research. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's play Risk

Risk is a classic board game that we all know about. It was really popular in the sixties and it was in everyone’s home. Based on the Napoleonic wars, Risk needs a strategy to conquer the board and to defeat your enemy. Dices, cards and luck are combined in this game. It happens the same in the battle for the cyber world, where you have to make your choices right to not get trapped by the enemy. The strategy is the key.  

Cybercrime costs millions and millions of euros each year to companies, and Smarttech247 is playing a major role in this battle. Ronan Murphy, founder and executive director from Smarttech247 was interviewed by Pádraig Hoare and talked about the smartest ways to fight against cybercrime. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Cyber "Got Talent"

Every day we see dozens of talent shows in which contestants have to show their abilities in front of a jury that will not allow one mistake. Artistic pressure is higher when performing in front of cameras and a very strict audience. Contestants are usually young and without experience that are fighting for their first big opportunity. 

In the Cyber Security world happens something similar. Instead of showing a talent in front of a jury, you have to do it in front of external threats. As it happens in the shows, the time is limited. These are “new” jobs that are being watched by young people as their big opportunity. Are these young people the key to build the cybersecurity walls? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A business trip

It’s Monday morning and your boss tells you that during the next week you’re going to leave town to meet a client. You are ready, from the hotel booking to the suits you’re going to need and, of course, the mobile phone and the laptop. Both of them are used for saving secret information about the company but you have no worries. Cyber Security is important for your company so your data is well saved. But are you sure that the information you’re traveling with is that safe?  

Trustwave tells that the 25% of the infractions in information are caused by error or by an employer. It’s necessary for companies to offer information to guarantee that the workers are ready to protect the information that they carry while traveling and to avoid human mistakes.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Cybersecurity is a team sport

Football, basketball, Rugby … They’re all team sports in which some participants work together in order to achieve a goal. Each one of them has a key position to win the match. Working together and mastering a perfect tactic during the game are going to determinate if you win or if you lose. If every person playing plays with its own strategy, it would be a disaster. Even if they’re really good, a goal keeper won’t be able to stop every ball without the help of the other team members. 

In Cyber Security it happens the same. Teamwork between private organizations and the government is necessary. David Koh, Singapore’s cybersecurity chief, explains it in an interview to GovInsider magazine. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

The seed of cybersecurity

They say that everyone collects what they have planted. This could perfectly explain the cybersecurity situation that companies and personal are in. Cybersecurity lands are relatively new and dangers have come even before the harvest. As human beings, our learning is mistake based and it hasn’t been until now that we have met the dangers that are threatening our lands. Now it is our turn to work.  

It’s obvious that hackers aren’t going to stop until the attacks until they’ve reached their goals. Because of this, we should be working on protecting our information. Companies and people are being observed by hackers and danger awareness is a key in this learning process.