Monday, April 16, 2018

Cybersecurity, a matter of humans

“Man is imperfect but perceptible”. This can be the sentence that bests define the human kind. As humans we are imperfect, but in our own nature we have the capacity to learn from mistakes and to achieve our perfection. We can’t forget that even if we are immersing in the seas of cybersecurity, what’s moving everything online is the human factor. 

It’s common to see cybersecurity as a technic factor, but that’s far from the truth. A lot of companies trust entirely in technology when protecting their information and, occasionally, there’s the mistake. Oz Alashe, Founder and CybSafe SEO, wants to change our mind, Understanding cybersecurity driven by humans.

This investigation shows that the 72% of the security infractions are the results of a human mistake. CybSafe is a platform to show people that Cyber Security based in the cloud should give a priority to this “human factor”. By awareness that the analysis of human behavior and threat monitoring. The company is quickly growing since 2015, when it was founded. Oz’s motivation has been one of the keys for its success.

In the Oz Alashe interview for Robin Block, he told how he became one of the cybersecurity referents. “ was a public servant for 17 years, serving in the military because I wanted to help people. That is the same factor that led me into cybersecurity and the foundational principle behind CybSafe. We are working to move the needle when it comes to cybersecurity and data protection awareness. We want to transform collective attitudes towards how people and human behavior play a key role in creating a safe digital world. Ultimately, we founded CybSafe to solve a pressing problem and best put to use the skills I have to serve a wider social need. We are doing that by producing a platform capable of evolving to accommodate developments in technology, along with changes in the market and threat landscape. We change behavior, measure impact and evaluate risk. CybSafe is a 360-degree cybersecurity awareness platform accompanied by a campaign to change the way people perceive the problem.”

Oz is clear about something; human factor is decisive when making decisions in cybersecurity for companies. Both companies and people, should change and recognize the way they understand it. Oz Alashe explains that CybSafe focus on the problems: “We focus on the problem, not the competition. Our software addresses a very real pain-point. That helps us stand out. The main concern for any company should be to deliver something credible and tangibly beneficial to its customers.”

In the interview, Oz makes his point clearly. In the future, a cultural change when society dealing with cybersecurity will happen to end the risks for people and companies: “Most organizations gravitate to technological solutions. Individuals do so as well. We are really good as a species at accepting, addressing and improving technology. What this means from a cyber-perspective is that we often look at how to prevent outsiders from having access to our networks and information systems.”

In a world more computerized, when companies break down, we break down with them. So when talking about cybersecurity is basic that we understand the behavior and learn from our own mistakes. We should not forget that behind a screen, there’s always a human being. 


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