Monday, March 12, 2018

Wash you hands

Cholera, hepatitis, rotavirus ... are terms that you're never happy to hear about but, what if we tell you that they can be simply avoided by using easy hygienic habits? As simple as washing hands or washing food before consuming them can prevent a lot of health problems.

In cybersecurity, hygiene is also important, the hygiene of you and your employees "cyber-routines" build a good basis on which to build your security strategy.  This week we want to give voice to Robert Herjavec, investor in ABC'S Shark Tank and founder / CEO of the cybersecurity services company Herjavec Group. From CIGTR, nowadays we want to share their point of view about the current outlook of the cybersecurity industry thanks for this interview conducted by Forbes.

The world of cybersecurity faces constant challenges, it could be said that it is in the "cyberworld" where the next war is developing. According to Herjavec, the cybersecurity sector is totally active: " It’s a great industry to be a part of, but at the same time, the diligence required by individuals, corporations and governments has never been higher".

There are multiple challenges that companies face, Develop and hone their cybersecurity is one of them. In addition to the challenges, the threats are growing in number and complexity. Herjavec does not doubt when he is asked about what are the two most serious threats of the moment for companies that he considers: "Cryptocurrency is the new thing, and we’re seeing that expressed with webserver compromise, browser hijacking, and even web ads that are coopting your processor to mine coins."

According to Robert Jerjavec the second threat is the banking Trojans. According to him, the ransomware attacks are decreasing but due to the attacks’ change: "Everyone should be using two-factor authentication wherever possible and changing their unique passwords frequently."

It is true that in the closest past we have seen several methods of filtering information to companies such as Sony, Target, Home Depot or Yahoo; as well as the health sector as Anthem and from attacks to banking companies to transport services such as Equifax or Uber. The only thing that remains today is to learn something of all these incidents. According to Herjavec, the lesson is clear: "We have to double down on compliance measures, cyber-hygiene and the elements of a proactive cyber defense to combat advanced cyber threats."

One of the ideas that really interest Robert Herjavec is precisely the "cyber-hygiene" due to his prevailing need: " This means changing your passwords, having strong user access and control management in addition to course device management, and patching on time, managing your rogue assets, and of course, using multi-factor authentication." On the other hand, the training of employees by companies is vital. Precisely according to Robert: "People are the weakest link and it’s every business owner’s responsibility to educate their staff, says the cyber-security expert".

Our advice, as well as the Robert Herjave one, is that training is the key. Perhaps it is because of this that emerging threats are not likely to decrease anytime soon. The only way to face the constant threats is to ensure the effectiveness of the human factor. The "cyber-hygiene" of a company depends precisely on the own employee sees himself as a key point in the strategy of your company and decides, metaphorically, to stop washing his hands.


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