Friday, March 9, 2018

The tailor´s wife is…

We already know how the saying ends, and that´s because this saying, with its respective translations, is known worldwide. What comes to express is that there are people who neglect in their immediate environment precisely what they are professionally engaged. This week we want to leave a couple of "tailors" who have also neglected what precisely was their job.

When you decide to buy a new mobile you look for a good camera, the battery life, the design ... assuming that the mobile will be clean and that viruses aren´t something you should still worry about. This week we have met a Trojan that arrives unannounced and can access the applications that are being used, but how has that malware entered your device? Don´t worry, if you are infected with the Trojan Android.Triada.231, it was not your fault; the virus was factory-fitted. The home of this malware is the firmware of several low and mid-range Android phone manufacturers. In principle it was estimated that more than 40 Android models were infected, in fact they seem to be quite a lot more. This is a bad start...

It´s true, that no matter how much you trust your favorite mobile phone manufacturer, it can always surprise you. Now, something that, of course, leaves you surprised is knowing that the FBI itself doesn´t respect the limits. This week it has come to light that the FBI had been paying some workers of the Best Buy company to provide them with user data. They hide behind the idea that this was done to control the illegal content of the devices, but once again, we ask ourselves where is the line between security and privacy.

That the FBI crosses the line of privacy to ensure a supposed security, is wrong. That the US Department of Homeland Security is not doing everything possible to keep its security at the highest levels should alarm us even more. This body has been accused of a lack of maturity in its security strategy that puts at risk the systems and the confidential information found in them. If we look back we can see almost no improvement in their strategies since 2016. Preaching by example is always the best way to teach.

We all know that when making a selection process there is always a minimum risk that the selected candidate does not meet expectations. The Australian Office of Meteorology has had to regret the hiring of two of its professionals. This week they have come to light the tasks of cryptomining that these two employees were carrying out in the own computers of the government. Remember that the fact of generating cryptomining is not illegal but consumes a lot of resources and something worse, we are talking about making a profit through a public body.

The saying "The tailor´s wife is the worst clad" is a good summary of the news we have collected this week. There are companies or organizations that should ensure the safety of their users and customers, it is shocking when this does not happen and the companies themselves exceed the limits or neglect what should be the main thing for them: the customer.


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