Friday, March 2, 2018

Do you feel safe at home?

Insecurities are bad but when you feel them at home they’re the worst. At home is where you should be feeling safer, and you should be doing what you can in order to achieve it. Can you even think about going to sleep leaving the keys in your doormat? Well, in cybersecurity, some people even leave the door open with a giant neon sign begging for people to come in. In this post we will revisit some of this week’s news and we will encourage you to buy a good bolt. 

What can you do when most of the people think their door can’t be locked? This is what the last research that Ponemon Institute did has shown.  A big majority of cybersecurity professionals think that their companies are vulnerable to be cyberattacked. It’s easy to leave the door open when closing the door (cybersecurity) isn’t a strategic priority in companies’ budget.

If we talk about coming home, smart devices are always welcome. They’re everywhere and they don’t need permits. They are allowed in your kitchen and you don’t seem to care.  But, are these devices as safe as you think they are? Most of the time we don’t even question the fact that the device doesn`t have a minimum security and privacy level as a problem. Even if you are worried about this subject, it’s difficult to elaborate an answer. Eset gave us the keys to make home security better and protect the smart devices from thieves at the beginning of the week.

It is said that when we close a door, a window will open. It happens the same with cyberattacks. You can make the attacking surface smaller and feel safer about your abilities to protect yourself from an attack, but sometimes the attacker is already in or is someone that allows cybercriminals to break into your device. A survey that Haystax Technology did, reveals that cybersecurity professionals feel unsafe when managing internal threats.

Even if threats and dangers exist, cybersecurity is the main lock that can make you feel safe or once that you’ve been attacked it can help you to resolve the situation. Basic security measures are one of the first things they explain to you when you get somewhere new, but this doesn’t happen in the cybersecurity world. Basic securities measures aren’t one of the top priorities in companies. At the same time that the impacts of cyberattacks are exposed to the public, cybersecurity is starting to be treated seriously.

Every company is unique and has its own circumstances but cybersecurity should be above them all. We should change the way we think and stop treating cybersecurity as if it’s not important. Like something extra that we start thinking about once everything else is done. From CIGTR we assure you, once you’re attacked, you will wish you could’ve known better. 


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