Monday, February 19, 2018

They are more, but less safe

How many IoT devices do you use in your daily routine? A lot of people won’t be able to answer that question as they would be unable to know the meaning of that term, and they’ll think they are not using any. This will change if we would have referred to them as “Connected things”. This makes your mind to instantly enumerate a series of devices, letting you know the importance of day-to-day technology. Dear user, don’t be confused about terms, it would be almost impossible to live without IoT. 

Nowadays, IoT investment is situated around the $1.400 million and it is hoped that gets to $5.1 thousand millions in 2022. This rising in investment will lead to a massive increase in auxiliary IoT industry and the number of devices connected. To understand where this investment is going and what the security threats are, we want to show you an interview to Vaughan Emery, Atonomi CEO, by Digital Journal

To this day, security in IoT devices has been a huge failure as a lot of hacking has been done. This incapacity to follow the growth rhythm in IoT technology hasn’t allowed, in a way, that the devices could’ve gotten to their highest capacities. Atonomi uses the blockchain technology to assign immutable identities to the IoT devices and prevent the entrance of hackers. 

When thinking about the problems cybersecurity sector might have today, there are a lot of difficulties that come to our mind: lack of talent, unstoppable ransomware attacks and continuous attacks on the sanitary sector. However, when this is asked to Vaughan Emery he has a right answer: the main problem that companies have to solve nowadays is how to get operative efficiency through digitalization. “As our world continues the trend towards increased connectivity, securing the Internet of Things has become a high-level priority for enterprises to protect the underlying infrastructure that supports the exchange of data and analytics.”

Between all there problems that are happening to the companies, Cybersecurity is by far the largest complexity that comes with the digital landscape and the rapidly connecting world. Avery shows his opinion about the theme: “If we can’t find a cybersecurity solution for IoT, then we will collectively lose the opportunity to benefit from the full potential of IoT.”

Despite all the problems that the IoT devices growth is getting to companies, it keeps being their technology as IoT can create the realization of big data, giving businesses additional insight into operations and procedures that they’ve never been able to get before. “With this access to big data, businesses can more efficiently streamline their processes and create more strategic methods for achieving their goals.”

It’s innumerable that the IoT importance is not only for companies but for regular users too. Its autonomous nature makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Everyone says that the lack of human intervention is the base for their frangibility: “As devices began to operate without human intervention, they become more vulnerable to hacks because there is no third party to oversee that every device is verified, validated, and secure.”

Emery believes that the training and cybersecurity technology benefits the companies security. Through Atonomi, Emery has used Blockchain to protect the companies they work with. Multiple solutions are offered to fight the abuse the IoT technology is exposed in order to choose an action plan and develop it. 


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