Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Like automatization for productivity

We have already lived some industrial revolutions and we can see how the pattern is always the same when replacing a manual way of doing things with an automatic one. As a society we expect this to increase our life quality, even as professionals. On the other hand, we are afraid that this will lead us to a massive job loss or into a situation in which humans are less important in companies. 

This week, HelpNet Security gave us the keys in a survey made by Indeni and GNS3 to more than 700 global engineering workers. Nowadays, companies are suffering a lack of knowledge in programming that could be tagged as one of their biggest risks. This survey shows how this knowledge necessity is having a great impact in the surveyed companies’ productivity and how automatization brings a solution. 

When we talk about productivity impact we talk about how a lack of knowledge in programming, surveyed professionals wasted more than their 60% of the time realizing repetitive actions and problem-solving. This waste of time affects productivity directly because it means less time helping strategy initiatives. 

To get ahead of this kind of productivity challenges, the 27% of surveyed are starting to use Runbooks to note everything down in a dynamic way to increase productivity. Runbooks are a good dynamic database with the best practices for every routine. From maintenance tasks to the attack’s surface reduction to be sure they work better.

Surveyed said there are two severe limitations when implementing Runbooks in a company. One of them is a lack of earnestness from employees when following instructions. The other one is that the knowledge might not be well written in the Runbooks. As a result, companies are looking for automatization ways for these processes and to make these tasks better to make human mistakes less frequent, increase efficiency and low the costs. 

Automatization is starting to be a priority for companies and a good sign of that is that leaders, IT professionals and net engineers agree with this. There are more than 68% of projects that are automatized and they’re helping a good net disponibility. One of the main reasons to automatize tasks is to gain productivity (71%) and to reduce costs (68%).

NetOps and SecOps challenge is in the devices they manage –firewalls, routers and interrupters- that have several OS that are not standardized in interface programming. As a result, IT professionals are forced to use CLI commands to get answers and solve errors.  

It’s not crazy to affirm that a new industrial revolution, along with a digital transformation, is getting into companies. Handmade tasks are losing the time we could spend on validating net infrastructures to work as they should or learning the required abilities to learn how to automatize tasks. Don’t let your company be afraid of innovation to automatization. It has a lot of benefits.  


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