Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Don´t be afraid ot the cloud

It´s rainy season and it´s easy to dream with the most frightening scenes in films about this atmospheric phenomenon. We have classic films like ‘Twister’ to the modern ‘Geostorm’, going through ‘The Perfect Storm’. Some of them are based on true events, but no one in these films seems to be able to anticipate what’s coming when the clouds darken.  

The cloud is precisely what we want to talk about in the study of the week. For yet another year, the company F5 Networks brings to light the results of their research ‘State of Application Delivery’ which shows the results on how different companies are adapting to the cloud. 

The study shows how the implementation of multiple clouds is helping a lot of companies to choose the cloud that suits best for them. But as it usually happens in the Cybersecurity world, not all that glitters is gold. This capacity of choice also multiplies the challenges that the companies that have to operate and secure them all have to achieve. 

This result shows the interest surveyed have on building the required bases to impulse your digital transformation, which will be based on the applications. Cindy Borovick, Business Intelligent Chief in F5 says: ‘As a result, a lot of companies are moving into multiple clouds environments that allow them to reinvent themselves as platforms for a competitive differentiation and innovation, helping to create digital economic commercial success’.

One of the highlights of this research is the digital transformation capacity to inspire new architectures and IT optimization initiatives. For the 72% surveyed, is precisely the infrastructure optimization and TI processes the main propellers for the digital transformation projects. On the other hand, near 50% pointed that the digital transformation is encouraging the cloud’s application delivery. This research shows the development of new application architectures, like containers and microservices.

It’s a reality that the majority of companies pursue the best strategy to application implementation what leads to the ‘multicloud’ architecture. 9 out of 10 surveyed use multiple clouds and the 56% are adapting the cloud decision to the application.  As most of the companies are preparing themselves for the digital economy, more gateways services are appearing and this allows the best security in our applications. On average, companies use 16 different application services to maintain their application fast, secure and available. 

As we said before, multicloud and public clouds are a challenge to the security companies. In fact, the lack of experience in public clouds is one of the reasons for the failures when staying protected from an attack. This year, one of the main companies’ purposes is protection in their web applications. This study shows that 70% said to have Web Application Firewalls (WAF) installed and a 19% plans to install it next year. 

Organizations and companies have to go against the tide to stay adapted to the new market and their user’s demands. Whatever the cloud your company is using, it’s important to keep them secure enough to don´t use your umbrella so you can skip the rain. 


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