Friday, January 19, 2018

Working safely

First Industrial Revolution didn´t happen that long ago and by that time the working conditions were dire. Not only wages were miserable, but working hours could easily last 13 hours and in the places workplaces were no ventilation or hygiene. Thanks to the Work-related Accidents Act of 1900 things improved for the workers of the time. Currently the risks are different and you may be suffering in your own company ... or even provoking them.

There where you work you must have noticed the adaptation to the cloud by your company, and if you haven´t noticed it then you are part of the only 5% of companies that haven´t yet joined this trend. The reduction of costs is one of the main reasons to make the change and adapt to the cloud, but it´s not the only benefit, the storage in the cloud also leads to an increase in productivity and the competitiveness of companies. But this week we discovered that, despite all the advantages of the cloud, many of the companies are leaving aside the basic ones when it comes to storing information in the cloud: only 40% of this information in the cloud is encrypted and managed to ensure your privacy. But do you know the worst? They don´t even agree about who this responsibility falls on ... Once again, security is placed behind productivity or efficiency.

Speaking about work, are you one of those who have the work passwords listed in a post-it? If the answer is "yes" we need to let you know that you are a potential risk to your company. In the world of cybersecurity, 2017 has left us many lessons to learn and one of them has been that most of the attacks have occurred from within. Due to the increase and complexity of malware cybercriminals are more capable than ever of sabotaging your company from within. This week, thanks to Tripwire we have remembered that without proper management of these attacks it is practically impossible to prevent them.

If there is someone who hasn´t been able to work in peace for some time is the American hospital of Hancock Health. This Thursday the computers of this hospital center have returned to suffer an attack that infected more than 1400 private medical files. The hospital ended up paying the 4 bitcoins that the kidnappers asked in return for returning to normal, don´t you think so? If you are up to date with the rate at which bitcoin increases, you will not be surprised to learn that this is $ 50,000 ransom. These types of decisions are not easy, much less when we talk about a decrease in the quality of medical care. On the other hand, paying the ransom means giving them the sustenance that keeps them alive. Difficult decision…

And you are one of those who work to live or live to work? In case you are from the second group, it will be good for you to find a hobby. If you allow us to make a recommendation, it will be good to know that yesterday we discovered that the bug-hunting is the perfect pastime if you are looking to earn an extra small amount of money. 12% of the criminals who work for HackerOne, a bug-bounty platform, have earned $ 20,000 a year due to this hobby, while a quarter of the hackers who work for this company are grateful to this hobby for half of their annual salary. Are you hesitating between joining seam classes or a programming and security course? If you are not exceptional with the needle and thread, don´t hesitate.

Most mortals can´t afford not to work and as soon as we accept this fact better. Once made to the idea, it´s vital to highlight the importance of working within the limits of security. The most defensive of security measures is you. It´s important that you accept it and act accordingly to it.


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