Friday, January 5, 2018

What are your resolutions?

New year, new purposes. In most cases, these budgets require an expense that will be reduced from another side, so we could say that the reorganization of our budget will be another of our purposes for this year. In companies the same thing happens, when facing a new year the priorities change. From CIGTR, we hope that security is incorporated into your list of priorities (if it´s not already) and we leave you a summary of weekly news that can help you to relocate expenses and investments.

With the beginning of the year we all make resolutions which sometimes we can´t maintain. This is something that also happens in companies, which often intend to adjust their budget and start cutting back. In case you are in this situation, it´s good that you know the critical security controls, which are an excellent way to organize your time and your budget so that your security measures work effectively and with more return. In this article from The State of Security, they list and explain the four basic controls that can help you save while maintaining the effectiveness of your security measures.

But speaking of saving, not everything consists of spending money on security measures but on knowing how and where to invest it. But where should the budget be spent? The basics are always a good place to start. However large and complicated the attacks that reach our ears today, the vast majority of attacks are simple and attack the gaps left in the most basic security strategies. Of course, the most advanced technologies are an extra point to protect against the most complex attacks but always being clear that the most basic points are covered. Have your company basic protection?

One of the worst unemployed when it comes to making budget reductions is usually the software. This can be dangerous, since an outdated software can prevent you from detecting and responding to a cyber attack in time. But if you need another reason not to make this mistake, this study ensures that more than a third of IT decision makers say that their security teams spend at least three hours a day on tasks that could be handled with a better software. In addition, most think that security professionals can waste an average of 10 hours a week due to inappropriate software. Insecurity, inefficiency, do you need any other excuse not to leave the software at the end of the list of priorities?

But if we talk about basic security compliance we can´t forget about the most important one: GDPR. If these acronyms do not sound and your company manages private information of employees and / users, you can put the batteries. Currently, a large number of companies are suffering the pressure of having the date close by for compliance with the legislation, especially the security department for being in charge of ensuring that the necessary measures are being taken to protect the personal information of residents in the European Union. In case you find this information right now, or simply by retouching the last details, these key questions proposed by HelpNet Security will come in handy to know your current status. If there is any point where there is no doubt that it is worth spending a budget, it is this.

Starting from the fact that the situation is different for each company, there is a series of basics that once fulfilled cover you with possible scares that you should try to avoid. Implementing critical security controls, keeping the software updated, covering basic security measures and preparing for compliance with the GDPR seem like a good start to the year.


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