Monday, January 22, 2018

There are no magical formulas

Today we are constantly bombarded by advertising and one of their claims is the sale of miraculous formulas and definitive remedies that will make you look younger, thinner ...and more innocent. The first "remedies" not only included plants whose healing virtues were discovered through a method of success and error, but there were poisons and concoctions that could generate the suffering to a multitude of ailments.

In cybersecurity there are also "innocent" companies that believe in the miraculous formulas that once implemented will make your company invincible in the face of attacks. This week we want to give voice to Michael Warnock, who has recently become Country Manager of Aura Information Security, a subsidiary of the mission-critical technology solutions provider, Kordia. The main objective of Michael lies in the need for companies to change their way of thinking when addressing cybersecurity. Aura Information currently leads the cybersecurity offering in Australia thanks to its partnership with RedShield that integrates the innovative "security at your service" approach.

His focus doesn´t remain on technology, since Michael is among those who think that we have reached the peak in aspects of software and specialization of widgets. Although it´s true that many of the companies still consider that technology is the miraculous remedy that will propel them to higher positions in cybersecurity. What many of these companies don´t take into account is the need for talent within the company to deal with the most cutting-edge technology or delegate this function to an external company, at this point is where Aura appears.

The demands of cybersecurity are changing and this is thanks to the increased awareness of financial and executive directors about the importance of cybersecurity in companies. In most cases fear is the biggest driver for this increase in interest in cybersecurity, no manager wants your company to be the next to headline the headlines due to an infringement or a cyberattack. The entry into force of the new legal regulations of mandatory compliance at the end of February further drives this trend, which is certainly a positive fact.

In this entire scenario according to Michael, his company Aura has a very clear role: "There is a great untapped opportunity in the organizations of the middle market that look for the computer security and the capacities of the cybernetic technology. Clients in this space tell us that they simply do not have the capacity or the resources to attract and retain specialized personnel. For this reason, we are offering security as a service, which allows mid-market organizations to create a robust security posture without the challenge of hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent. Our goal is to build a brand around providing a solid framework of advice and security. "

The shortage of talent that lives in the cybersecurity sector has also reached Australia and today is one of the biggest challenges for companies. According to Michael part of this problem is actually due to inefficiency in managing existing resources within companies: "Companies tend to duplicate cybernetic capabilities, and the majority of talent is attracted to high-level organizations level. The average market often stays out of that equation. Because of this, the middle market has become an easier prey for cyber criminals who see it as a much smoother target than banks or the government. "

Companies as Aura have found in the medium size companies a niche where to act on, and that is because, all of them, small and large, need to update their defenses and strength their action plans. Thanks to diversification it´s easy mitigate the effects of a lack of talent or a bad security management in companies. Although miracles doesn´t exist, the solution is still possible. 


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