Friday, December 15, 2017

How is 2018 coming?

These are the last days for this year 2017. In the fight against cybercrime we have had a fairly even year. As the attacks have evolved, we have activated the shields and perfected our strategies to deal with cybercriminals. Currently the balance is quite balanced and we can say that we end the year holding up with the head held high the pulse to which the dark side has challenged us. This week, at CIGTR we want to review all the news that will influence us at the beginning of the year.

The botnets came to light in 2000 but this week they have returned to war. "Botnet" is the generic name given to any group of PCs infected and controlled by an attacker remotely. Normally, a hacker or a group of hackers create a botnet using malware that infects a large number of machines. Botnets to IoT devices have already gained notoriety in 2016 with the Mirai attack and in recent months a new type has been discovered, improved and much more complex than the previous one, called Reaper. The evolution of this type of malware is unstoppable and this week some have indicated that a much more improved attackwill happen in 2018. Hopefully they are not right.

Yesterday thefuture of net neutrality in the US was decided. The system approved during the era of Barack Obama has been eliminated by the Trump administration allied with the big telecommunications. The repeal of this rule established in 2015 will completely change the Internet business model. Now, large telecommunication companies will decide which pages their clients can enter or which page will be more expensive, thus limiting access to information. This will radically change the way we surf the Internet for the US next year.

Something as typical as business dinners, New Year's Eve grapes or Christmas lights in the main streets of cities around the world are predictions for next year. The world of cybersecurity does not escape this tradition. Experian has launchedinto the pool prophesying the trends for next year. The expansion of digital attacks on physicists, the Artificial Intelligence used by criminals to deceive traditional authentication and many more, are the trends that this company of data, analysis and marketing services has extracted from a thorough analysis this year. . Taking into account the intricate landscape in which we sail in our sector, it never hurts to look at the crystal ball and cross your fingers to implement the correct strategies.

On these dates, in addition to predictions it is impossible to escape from gifts. Do you remember that technological gift that they gave you and that you liked so much last year? Well, right now I could be the one who puts your security at risk. This week we have met an article by Tripwire in which he explains that many Android-based television devices have been found that present serious risks to security and privacy. In some of these devices access to the camera and microphone is a breeze for a criminal with a little experience. So, if you have some appreciation, learn a little before buying the "technology bargain" fashion. In the long run it could be expensive.

Every year, before the end of the year, it is advisable to make a mental scan of everything you have experienced. The beginning of a new year is for many an excuse to make a clean slate and begin, finally, to fulfill what they promised themselves. In the cybersecurity sector, things are evolving very quickly and, as a result, this review is especially valuable since we always appreciate being prepared for what is to come. Whatever it is, we can do it.


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