Friday, December 1, 2017

Denying evolution

In the US, a war is fought that is so old that it seldom goes out on the news. For more than a century there has been a struggle to erase science from the educational program. Mainly among the ultraconservatives of the southern states, everything that sounds or remembers Charles Darwin is heresy. Commonly they are called: enemies of evolution. As the evolutionary biologist Nick Matzke ironically puts it: "anti-evolutionism is still alive, kicking and ... evolving".

We do not know how the war between evolutionists and creationists will end, but what we know is evolving is the virtual currency. This week the cryptocurrencies have been the protagonists. Not everything has been good news but, of course, for anyone who is aware of the news of the sector, these days have had to notice the barrage of news about bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and mining. The virtual currency emerged in 2009, and its use has increased to the point where, at present, it is living its moment of glory.

Speaking of glory, early in the week the bitcoin reached its peak multiplying its value by nine, thus breaking, for the first time, the barrier of $ 10,000. But this spectacular rise in the value of bitcoin has unleashed some fears that the bubble will explode. The absence of a legal course, the fact of not having a central bank and that is regulated by a large community of Internet users, is, up to now, the Achilles heel of this cyberdivision. Will the bad omens be fulfilled or will they keep silent with their growth?

Another cryptocurrency has come to the fore this week, but this time it has not been for an incredible growth of its value. Cryptocurrency Verge has been forced to speak due to a vulnerabildiad in the CoinPouch code. This application, which helps manage bonds in different types of currencies, has left users with losses of $ 655,000 in Verge cryptocurrencies. Although at first it was thought that a cyber attack could have been the cause, the development team clarified all doubts by stating that it had been a problem of a specific node of the application. Despite the clarification, Verge's team has already removed the cryptocurrency from the app and points out that CoinPouch was never on the list of applications recommended by him.

As the importance and value of cryptocurrency has increased, thieves have multiplied on the virtual side and have begun to do their own. The cryptocurrency mining acts in the code of a website converting its traffic into cybermoney for said page. The news of this week is not that, but the cryptocurrency mining continues to work on your computer even if the page that contains it is already closed. The window is hidden under the Windows taskbar adapting to the resolution of each device, so it is impossible to see it with the naked eye. The only way to end this process in the background is through Windows Task Manager, once the process is closed the activity will cease. Will this increase the user's distrust of cyber-currencies?

Someone who is closely following bitcoin transactions lately is the IRS (acronym of Internal Revenue Service). This set of letters refers to the federal agency of the US Government responsible for tax collection and compliance with tax laws. Coinbase, the bitcoin portfolio that allows you to buy, sell, send and store bitcoins; has won (partially) the victory over IRS, thus reducing the request for data that the government makes to the company. The search for "tax cheats" leads the US to search for records of this type of transactions, but after this legal battle, the request for data will be reduced by 97% narrowing the fence on the "high volume" users that really they interest the IRS. Coinbase has explained that if, finally, they are required to send information about this small 3% of users, they would be informed before the actual disclosure occurs.

Many will be the obstacles that any innovation will have to face. In this case, the cryptocurrency has been in progress for 8 years now and, by the levels that are beginning to reach their value, we would say that it does not look like a passing fad. The detractors always arise, and more when we talk about a monetary element with such power, but before each fight this new player is jumping walls and putting a damper on all those who want to cancel before the eyes of an expectant sector. Will gossips get knocked down?


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