Friday, November 17, 2017

When 'hack' was just a joke

The word “hacker” is based on our vocabulary, and even more so when you dedicate yourself to the world of cybersecurity. As many of our readers know, the word hacker is not negative because it doesn´t always refer to an inclusion in another's website, but can refer to some enthusiastic lover of programming. This term has its origin in the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of MIT. Here, the members of this organization created the tradition of playing innocent jokes among themselves, which they called "hacks". These same members were the first to call themselves hackers.

And although the origin of the word is poetic, the actions of these characters of cybersecurity are not always so endearing. Although the profession itself has both positive and negative meanings, the verb "hack" rarely refers to a good action. High towers have fallen this week due to the action of this verb and the activity of the less noble hackers of the network.

The first to appear this week related to the term "hacking" has been the Boeing 757 aircraft. It´s not the first time we heard that aircraft are hackable, but the hacking of this iconic aircraft is especially noteworthy. This model was left to manufacture many years ago but its massive production together with its longevity makes it one of the most used aircraft in the world. Do you want a trip?

The second big tower has known how to play its cards to avoid falling. The Pentagon is considered one of the highest towers in the world and a year ago raised its hand to ask a volunteer to locate their weaknesses through a Bug Bounty program. Instead of one, there were 650 employees who, in total, have managed to identify 2837 urgent errors to solve. The Bug Bounty programs are increasingly popular and the US Department of Defense uses it is a clear example of this. Who to ask for help when you are the guardian of the security of the first world power?

Christmas is near and we know of many who are already making lists about the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Technology is one of the favorite gifts but ... if you really appreciate them, think about what you are going to give them. Being aware of the importance of security, this week we shared an article written by HelpNet Security which talks about the most hackable gifts. We let you know and you choose who to give it to.

When we talk about the high towers that have fallen, democracy takes the cake. This week there have been manynews about the elections in the United States and how they could have been interfered with by foreign powers such as Russia. But, to avoid making the mistake of thinking that these have been the only elections that have suffered the claws of external interference, we found this article in which the 18 countries that have suffered the hacking of their elections during the past year are named.

Hacks are the order of the day, either to suffer or to avoid them. But, looking at the positive part of this, thanks to the globalization of information increases the possibility of knowing many of the details of the attacks, which was not so easy a few years ago. To greater information, greater conscience, and therefore, greater defense.


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