Friday, November 3, 2017

The value of your information

If we think in the First World War we know that in a bakery there could be more than bread and that a baker could be perfectly a spy. In fact, the story says that a baker in Moscow was used by German espionage to communicate with each other, with only his gaze and the count of the loaves of bread. It was a simple and peculiar technique that achieved its goal: to go unnoticed by the Allied side.

As in the First World War, we are currently in the midst of another type of war in which information is the most precious asset. Criminals, fraudsters and thieves in the cybersecurity sector have seen this vein and new methods are emerging every day to make them achieve their goal. Doing a review of the news this week we realize that, today more than ever, the protection of your information should be at the same level as the security of your home or your car.

Two of the most talked-about leaks this year are back in the headlines to remind us how important it is to do things right. The former directors of Yahoo and Equifaxwill go to trial, we say former directors because, for those who do not keep abreast, they resigned after the massive filtering suffered by the respective companies. The reason for the interrogation is to know the method of action of the company once discovered the attack, because of having done wrong, much damage could have been saved.

In the middle of the week we get this figure, 46.2 million Malaysian mobile numbers filtered. 46.2 million, it is said fast. Criminals stormed government servers by stealing information from databases. Taking into account that the population of Malaysia is 31.2 million we can affirm, without room for much error that the entire population of the country has been affected. The person in charge is still not known, but it is possible that with all the numbers leaked the number of the person in charge is among them, and it must be one of the few that are missing.

This week the theme deals with leaked information. Big and small, famous and anonymous, anyone can be the target of a filtering of information, and it cleans by own or another's error. In case the error is not yours, the recommendation would be "'control who has access to your information", in case the situation is that of the first case ... inform yourself and protect your data. In CIGTR, in addition to informing you of good and bad news, we give you access to the advice and recommendations of the most experts. This week we leave you 7 tipsto reduce information filtering. You're welcome, mate.

The NotPetya ransomware attack that happened early has not left anyone indifferent. At the end of the week the American pharmaceutical giant Merck affirmed that thenotorious attack has made him lose millions of dollars. Although NotPetya was initially identified as ransomware, it has recently been studied and categorized as "wiper", since the encrypted information is impossible to recover even paying the ransom. The same group that made this attack is also the author of the recent Bad Rabbit ransomware attack.

It is possible that one of our greatest treasures is our private information, and although espionage understood as in 1915 is far from the current reality, the leaking of information is every day in the ring. The information is power but the knowledge also, knowing the cyber attacks that happen to this day keeps us alert and informed of the latest movements of the opposing side.


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