Monday, November 6, 2017

The push of the investment

There has always been a certain reluctance to accept that the bases of development are shaken every so often to make way for new ones. Already at the end of the 19th century there was a certain consensus when it came to admitting that there was nothing important to discover in the scientific field. In fact, at a conference in 1900 Lord Kelvin came to say: "Physics can no longer discover anything new. The only thing that we need is to be able to make measurements with greater precision".

One of the first things that need to be changed to drive development is this kind of thinking. Currently, despite the fact that cybersecurity is becoming an issue of general importance, and to a greater or lesser degree, anyone has heard of cyber attacks and data leaks, companies continue to consider the "cyber" sector as an extra on time to invest. And we already know that, lack of investment leads to a lack of innovation and development. Today we meet Nazo Mossa, director of VT Partners, a capital growth fund that supports the rapid development of technology companies, which believes that cybersecurity in Europe needs a boost in terms of investment.

The main investments of VT Partners are cybersecurity and digitization of critical industries, which is still not very popular in Europe. According to her, "the financing of cybersecurity in Europe is only a fraction of what the United States is. Most technology companies do not invest in "cyber" because cybersecurity is complex; there are many vendors, diverse platforms and continuous changes in the models".

The fact that cybersecurity is not a relevant investment has consequences: lower risk capital, lower entrepreneurial spirit. The current situation forces employers to be more risky. According to Mossa: "There are less funds, so entrepreneurs tend to be more sensitive to risk. This adds a good level of discipline, but it may mean that entrepreneurs tend to be more tactical than visionary." Despite this brake, Mossa sees the UK as the center of cybersecurity in Europe, and extends its opinion on the Education: "Europe has great centers of knowledge and education. They have realized that entrepreneurship is the driving force of Europe and that there are brilliant minds and great innovation."

The complexity and rapid evolution of the cybersecurity industry promotes the need to create specialized capital funds, and this is what the Nazo Mossa company offers: "The development and launch of new specific areas, such as" cyber ", help investors select a winner and have better contacts. "VT partners, the current Nazo Mossa company is a growth capital fund not a venture capital fund, which points out that they have a big difference. "Venture capital funds are focused on initial phase investments, in which capital growth is subsequently invested in companies at a more advanced stage and in their maturation cycle. There is a point of view that says there is not enough capital growth based on intelligence "but this last idea in particular is a vision against Mossa and his company tries to fight.

But, taking into account the non-existent culture of cybersecurity investment in Europe, what is the process that VT Partners follows when it comes to making an investment? Mossa responds: "We invest in companies with growth that are valued with more than 5 million dollars which have already reached a certain level and seek to compete on a global scale. We focus on fast-growing semi-mature companies, which are sometimes developing new products. We finance innovation to expand the company's offerings. "

Although the area of technology is still, almost exclusively, the playground of the United States, it is an exciting time to invest in cybersecurity in Europe. Thanks to companies such as VT Partners and to enterprising and visionary people like Nazo Mossa, it is possible that very soon the cybersecurity sector will receive the momentum it needs to be taken as seriously as it deserves.


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