Monday, November 27, 2017

The behavior as a shield

Since time immemorial, the human being has tried to understand himself and has asked many questions about human nature. Although it exists since antiquity, psychology as a science emerged in the nineteenth century, when a group of professionals adopted the scientific method to interpret human behavior.

There are many prisms from which one can face the constant problems and risks that attack the cybersecurity fronts. One of the currents that come stomping in the terrain of cybersecurity is based on the analysis of user behavior. Fromm all the voices that are currently struggling to carve out a niche in the sector, today it is worth noting the one of Jeff Paine who has offered an interview with SecurityBrief in which he talks about his point of view on cybersecurity to this day. Jeff Paine is the founder of ResponSight, an Australian-based cybersecurity firm that is focusing on fault detection and risk assessment.

Jeff Paine has been in the industry for over 20 years and has been able to detect a problem, and with it, a vein to exploit for the benefit of cybersecurity. "I founded ResponSight to solve a problem that I have observed in the industry, that problem is twofold: the unacceptable period between an intrusion in the network and its detection, and the habit of security companies declaring the creation of 'silver bullets' that actually leaves companies vulnerable to attack." When Jeff Paine talks about silver bullets, he refers to the definitive solutions that companies announce they have found and that, in reality, they are more a risk to the company than a progress, in many cases.

Jeff Paine shows total conviction about the work of his company and clearly explains the differential advantages of his point of view for the sector: "The core of our technology arises from the basis that people are predictable and that behaviors are routine. The key, however, is that although we follow individual patterns, we are very different from each other. We can make a profile of users by their use of signatures and activity patterns, without needing to know who they are. If the activity breaks patterns, then that becomes interesting. "The objective of ResponSight is to look for points in which a change in activity is registered that could be an indicator of risk. A great point in their favor, and that can give security to anyone who mistrusts, is that to achieve their purpose they use telemetry and pure statistical data, never private or confidential information.

ResponSight is based in Australia, Jeff Paine has a clear opinion on the future for the Australian cybersecurity market: "I feel like I've been saying the same things about Australia for 20 years. However, I believe that the Australian cybersecurity market is growing in an interesting way. In my opinion, the rather mild definition of what is termed a 'gap' is being an obstacle. " One of the topics currently under discussion is machine learning and its incorporation into companies to reduce current risks, according to Paine's point of view, the problem that arises in Australia regarding machine learning is based on the poor quality of the data. "Machine learning and AI will find patterns in whatever data you provide, but those patterns will not necessarily be useful."

The experience gives professionals a more complete and kaleidoscopic vision of reality. Thanks to expert entrepreneurs like Jeff Paine, new solutions and points of view are presented on the table, thus expanding the possible solutions to the complicated panorama in which cybersecurity moves. The study of the behavior of the user to detect attacks is a more than viable option to take into account, rewriting the saying ... "You can judge a man by the behaviour he gets".


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