Friday, October 27, 2017

It never sleeps

Many coins have been used throughout history; among the most popular are gold, silver, wheat, tobacco, salt, cocoa and many others. But the currency, as we know it today, arose from the necessity of an element that was generally accepted in the processes of exchange. It was important that it be divisible, to allow small exchanges, and that would be easy to store and transfer.

Today we speak of a new currency: the crypto-currency, that great unknown. For some the crypto-currency arrived and, from one day to the next, everyone talks about it, its implantation in the companies and its importance for future transactions. Bitcoin, the best known of the crypto-coins, was born in 2009 and, although it seems very distant, its history is recent and from the moment of its creation has not stopped growing. During this week, the crypto-currencies have given much to speak and that although late, come stomping.
There is nothing wrong with using a user's computer to mine criptomoneda but doing it without his consent is quite ugly. The first news of the week didn´t wait and we discovered that an extension of Google Chrome was undermining Monero, a type of criptocurrency, thanks to the traffic of the web. This was occurring without the knowledge of users and using Coinhive, a Javascript code that allows the web to mine crypto-coin using the resources of web visitors. Taking advantage of your traffic without warning? What a rudeness.

Throughout the week Coinhive reappeared in the headlines. It was hacked and replaced by thousands of websites for a malicious version. This allowed for 6 hours that the criminal who hacked the code received the cryptocurrency mined, instead of the websites where the code was installed. These incidences with the crypto-coins don´t help to gain the confidence of the most suspicious users. Coinhive, a tip: beware of a bad review, that when you rise the flight does not take more than a small blow to be shot down.

In a matter of months the subject of the cryptocurrency has gone from being something utopian and futuristic to being something real to what are joining many websites. That´s why we must know what we are talking about. Mid-week we discovered this article that shows us the incidents that have appeared with Monero and another type of cryptocurrency and what is the future that is expected to take this matter. If monero is coming to stay, it´s better to be prepared.

But the subject of the crypto-currency, although in full swing, continues to change and evolve. From the hand of one of the developers of bitcoin, soon Metronome will make its appearance, a new crypto-currency. Once bitcoin was released, Jeff Garzik was aware of his shortcomings and decided to go his own way. Now, he wants to dethrone the big bitcoin with his own coin, the Metronome. The second parts were never good, were they?

The crypto-coins adapt to your society, making the transactions more practical and simple. Needless to say we would save the weight of the wallet, but will these new currencies bring us other headaches? Be that as it may, we will have to adapt, after all, if the barter generations have adapted, we will not be less.


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