Friday, September 29, 2017

In the heat of the battle

The attacks don´t cease and the clash seems imminent. Dialogue is the only way to save the situation and avoid the destruction of two peoples. The official emissary carries all the weight on his shoulders. Negotiation depends on him, but not only that. He has to make the effort so that we can take advance of the situation; after all, knowledge is power.

Today, this popular saying is still valid, and it´s more real than ever. In cybersecurity sector, strikes come from every side. Information and anticipation is the most powerful weapon for building barriers and fighting. Reviewing the best of the week, we have selected the advice and conclusions of the studies, surveys and experts to be able to strengthen our defenses and prepare a good attack.

The results of a study about DDoS attacks came to light earlier in the week. The result was quite alarming: the increase in attacks is unstoppable. But along with these worrying data also came other, more hopeful. 74% of companies have increased their budget to deal with these cyberattacks. The solutions begin to live up to the challenge of the evolved enemy.

As attacks increase, studies about them increase too. It´s not recommended being influenced by the headlines. As proof of this, the results were made public mid-week. The most sophisticated attacks are not those that will shake the security measures of most companies. Surprisingly, are the most basic things that can put the safety of companies at risk. Start using secure passwords, control the devices that connect to internal networks and start using cloud services, in short, review the foundations. As in most areas, in cybersecurity it´s also not advisable putting cart before the horse.

The Austin Congress in Texas took place mid-week. Interesting things came up. Among them, FBI highlighted that cybersecurity professionals are distracted by the threats because they are more fun than the risks. Priorities have to be changed and responding instead of reacting since this last action is more emotional than rational. Sometimes words confuse the message.

This week Kevin O, Brien (CEO of GreatHorn) gave us the keys to put into operation diverse strategies to increase your security against the phising attacks. Over the past few months, a massive number of data leaks have emerged, which have started with a simple email. The training on phising doesn´t seem to be giving the expected results. One of the solutions Kevin presents is automation. It´s advisable to start measuring risks and using automation tools to increase strengths.

Another step to keep cyberattacks at bay is to enforce cybersecurity laws. There is very little time left for the entry into force of the GDPR by the European Commission. This new legal framework seeks to protect personal data and the way organizations process them. According to a recent study, only 45% of companies have a plan to comply with this new regulation. In this case, the laws are not to be skipped. And who thinks to skip it is that they still doesn´t know the consequences.

It´s true that the panorama is dark and full of terrors. The daily barrage of attacks and breach data can be devastating. But we must not forget that above all there are regulatory bodies and investigations. Both of them offer a number of tips and measures that we can apply. Having knowledge, each one depends on applying it to protect their own castle.


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