Friday, September 22, 2017

Biting the hand that feeds you

Many are the scenes that we remember when we talk about technology vs. human: When Ava kills Nathan, his creator in Exmachina; or when Will Smith is pursued by dozens of robots in I, Robot ... All these movies are the perfect example of the importance is in the end use and not in the motive of creation. 

In the real world something similar is happening. We thought technology would increase our quality of life. And so it is. The problem comes when the villain from the movie shows up. His policy of terror shakes the world of trust in which we live. Today criminals and hackers take advantage of all these advanced technologies for their own benefit. They extract data, steal information and then bribe. Let's take a walk through all the news which have taught us the other side of the technological breakthroughs this week.

We started the week with surprising news. Many times it seems obvious. We use to think that if something went well and changed after implanting something new, perhaps this something new has something to do with that new problem. It was at the beginning of the week and the idea was dismantled. Windows had a bug during 17 years that can be the cause of the detection of malware in these days. It´s quite disturbing.

Let's talk now about other new that begins to be common among our headlines. Malware so well designed that millions of people swallow the bait. This Trojan charges via Premium SMS while stealing user information, such as phone number, GPS location, installed apps and IP address. Between 1 and 1.2 million times has been downloaded this new malware for Android. Is a fool's consolation the sorrow of many ? At CIGTR, we don´t think so.

The concern is usually bigger when instead of filtering data, we talk about withdrawing money. This is what happened with Pirate Bay, who introduced code on their website that used users computers to generate currencies of virtual currency Monero. This, according to the administrators of the page, was an experiment to see if it was possible to reduce its reliance on advertisements. We hope that they figured something out, after the anger of its netizens to discover that they had not been warned.

A new discover, a new problem. A team of researchers from Israel have developed malware that proves criminals can abuse infrared-equipped security cameras. If criminals install this piece of malware on networks connected to these cameras they can use infrared light-emitting diodes to transmit data bits.

One thing is clear, the technology will continue to evolve and we will have to combat its possible misuses. At this point, efforts will have to be doubled to develop measures that make us feel safe. From CIGTR we know that sometimes things get difficult but cybersecurity is in our hands.


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