Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Adapt or perish

We have to be grateful. A great discovery, named by many as the best and most important invention in history. Are you still lost? We are talking about the wheel. At the time it was a great advance for trade and today is a fundamental element for the mobilization of weight. But it also results in several challenges that, after being solved, improved the quality of life of millions of people. This is applicable to any innovation. Any change, even if it includes an improvement, presents a number of challenges.

This is the case of Information Technologies (IT). Its evolution and progress is undeniable. In addition to increasing productivity enables the growth of the company. But it must also be borne in mind that this advancement in IT modernization adds to the challenges and challenges for security. Market Connections has conducted an anonymous survey of 200 IT executives that reveals the general feeling in the sector regarding the evolution of IT and what they think can be their weapons to adapt to the new reality.

There are several new challenges resulting from the modernization of IT. Among them is the difficulty of employees to complete all the processes. These processes are seen as a major investment of time and effort because of their excessive length and complexity. But there is another alarming fact that points to a criticism of regulatory agencies. 46% stated firmly that, in terms of mandates and deadlines, they had the sensation of marking boxes in a list, that is, an automated and depersonalized task, that would rethink the effectiveness of these mandates.

In the survey, cybersecurity came to the fore. Two-thirds of respondents chose this as the highest priority for modernization project agencies over the next year. About the same percentage emphasizes that efforts to modernize IT agencies have resulted in an increase in the challenges of modernization that they face.

Despite the general awareness of IT, the reality is different when one asks about the performance of its own companies in different facets of this subject. When talking about modernization processes and factors, only 10-16% of the respondents rated their agencies with the highest score. This fact suggests that despite knowing the importance of the implementation of IT, only a few call their businesses as users of the most advanced technologies. On the other hand, only 36% rated their agencies with the highest score for technologies such as development of simplified systems. And only 34% rated them with a high score in the use of the cloud.

The results of this research expose the fact that many companies do not have the professionals or the adequate resources to face the challenges that security presents today. To tackle digital transformation successfully, agencies must define cybersecurity as their top priority. It is advisable to start projects that promote safety internally, as well as boost operational efficiency to reach mission critical objectives.

This survey gives another insight into this problem. And it is government agencies that promote the use of the cloud to achieve the modernization of ICT in business. To motivate all those who are encountering obstacles in their approach to the cloud s. Fortunately those respondents who are actively working with their peers to facilitate their transitions to the cloud, stating that it is an easier way to adopt the cloud.

We simply have to look back to realize the importance of overcoming these obstacles. As with the wheel, electricity or printing, any improvement involves a societal effort to adapt. Information technology brings us numerous, and already proven, benefits. Making an effort will get everything going on wheels.


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