Friday, September 29, 2017

In the heat of the battle

The attacks don´t cease and the clash seems imminent. Dialogue is the only way to save the situation and avoid the destruction of two peoples. The official emissary carries all the weight on his shoulders. Negotiation depends on him, but not only that. He has to make the effort so that we can take advance of the situation; after all, knowledge is power.

Today, this popular saying is still valid, and it´s more real than ever. In cybersecurity sector, strikes come from every side. Information and anticipation is the most powerful weapon for building barriers and fighting. Reviewing the best of the week, we have selected the advice and conclusions of the studies, surveys and experts to be able to strengthen our defenses and prepare a good attack.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New problems, new solutions

A white sand beach and turquoise waters are what many would call the perfect paradise. Right now the northern hemisphere enters the fall and the south has not yet left the winter, so an image like this, except in tropical areas, sounds celestial music. Internet, with its infinite possibilities of leisure, information, consumption and exchange of data could seem like that perfect paradise in digital, but be careful, because in all paradise there may be, and indeed there are, undesirable companies.

There are sharks that would make it out of the water to any cautious who has had the luck ... of having seen them in time. Sharks also appear on the digital terrain: the recent "cyberagressions" to Equifax and SEC have not yet disappeared from the memory of involved and experts. Thios famous attacks have increased the worry and put on guard to own and strangers. Thus, the results of the latest survey by TripWire about the lack of cybersecurity skills that exist in companies are not surprising.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The voice of experience

"The trend is turning and we are heading towards better days." When these words come out of the mouth of someone like Mårten, the light shines through the clouds. Mårten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne, is the current CEO of HackerOne, a security vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform.

The career history of Mårten has made him go through different stages. He has worked from the production of software, encryption of information, through the globalization of the Internet. He has ample baggage that makes his words increase his weight. On the real situation is clear: "The state of security in online applications and products is miserable." Instead of being a pessimistic scenario is a fact that impulses him to carry on in the business.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Biting the hand that feeds you

Many are the scenes that we remember when we talk about technology vs. human: When Ava kills Nathan, his creator in Exmachina; or when Will Smith is pursued by dozens of robots in I, Robot ... All these movies are the perfect example of the importance is in the end use and not in the motive of creation. 

In the real world something similar is happening. We thought technology would increase our quality of life. And so it is. The problem comes when the villain from the movie shows up. His policy of terror shakes the world of trust in which we live. Today criminals and hackers take advantage of all these advanced technologies for their own benefit. They extract data, steal information and then bribe. Let's take a walk through all the news which have taught us the other side of the technological breakthroughs this week.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Victim or executioner?

We can say that witchcraft is as old as the existence of man, and it is from the fourteenth and fifteenth century, when the "Holy Catholic Church" through the Inquisition, was devoted to the massive burning of women, accusing them of witches. The vast majority of these women only committed the sin of being emancipated women, who lived from the elaboration of home remedies. For many years, "witches" were the only ones who were in charge of the health in the small settlements, besides being the midwife who helped her children to come to the world. So, now with all this knowledge through the centuries, could we say that the witches were victims or executioners?

The cybersecurity problems faced by businesses are not unknown to most. Cybersecurity occupying headlines has become a daily reality. Even large companies receive attacks that they do not know how to manage, leaving exposed valuable information. Perhaps it is time to look at it from another point of view and stop giving companies the role of victims. In fact, perhaps they themselves are not able to manage all the talent they already have inside their walls.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Selling umbrellas in a rainstorm

"You care for nothing but shooting, dogs, and rat-catching, and you will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family" This is what his father told Charles Darwin when he left the medicine. And that is how his biography says: "Each and every one of my teachers considered me an ordinary boy, rather below the average intellectual." Today is considered the father of evolution.

Self-confidence is a key to success. Or at least that's what many say. In the interview of this week we know Kris Hagerman, executive director of cybersecurity provider FTSE 250 Sophos. Kris is not short of self-confidence in addition to knowledge of the sector to find a niche that many of the biggest names of the market had not yet discovered.

Friday, September 15, 2017

When the clouds prevent you from seeing the sun

At the end of the 80's a TV serie was broadcasted that despite not belonging to that generation is familiar to many of our Spanish-speaking readers. From that series comes an expression up: "Living in the worlds of Yupi," which has come to us today as a popular culture phrase. Its meaning is similar to "being in the clouds." This saying refers to someone who lives away from reality in a fantasy world in which everything is positive and problems have no place.

As the population has easier access to technological devices, the complexity of the attacks grows, and new forms of aggression emerge every day. All of us (or almost all) have access to devices or programs which we are barely conscious of being assaulted daily. In "The best of the Week" we want to make a kind of information scanning of all those attacks that occur around while we live in "the worlds of Yupi".

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Adapt or perish

We have to be grateful. A great discovery, named by many as the best and most important invention in history. Are you still lost? We are talking about the wheel. At the time it was a great advance for trade and today is a fundamental element for the mobilization of weight. But it also results in several challenges that, after being solved, improved the quality of life of millions of people. This is applicable to any innovation. Any change, even if it includes an improvement, presents a number of challenges.

This is the case of Information Technologies (IT). Its evolution and progress is undeniable. In addition to increasing productivity enables the growth of the company. But it must also be borne in mind that this advancement in IT modernization adds to the challenges and challenges for security. Market Connections has conducted an anonymous survey of 200 IT executives that reveals the general feeling in the sector regarding the evolution of IT and what they think can be their weapons to adapt to the new reality.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The external victim

We have the same doubt every summer. We are never 100% sure about needing to hire an alarm for our home. "Well ... nothing ever happens to us, why does it have to be this year?" The feeling that thieves will prefer the house of others and that this is a reality that will never occur to us is a thought that accompanies more than one. But what happens when your house is chosen?

With the resounding filtration that HBO starred in mid-August, users experienced what it is like to take part in how cybersecurity can affect our day. Thanks to the interview of this week we discover a little more of the ins and outs of cybersecurity in entertainment companies. This time it's time for Stephen Gates, Chief Intelligence Research Analyst at Zenedge, a leading cybersecurity company in the industry.

Friday, September 8, 2017

In the middle of the pandemic

The Best of the week in Cybersecurity

Imagine waking up, staying under the sheets recreating the great dream of the night before. Everything seems calm until you turn the TV on "A virus has spread". A virus attacks without distinction, the population feels helpless and panic takes over the streets. The search for the cure is the highest priority and has to be as soon as possible.

This will have happened to many readers after the return from holidays. Coming back to the routine returns us to the everyday reality where not everything has changed so much. We must be aware that danger is still out there and that cyber-attacks are still part of everyday life. Today, in our review of the best of the week, we keep you up to date with the viruses that represent a problem.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The danger of trusting

It´s easy bring back to memory a few robbery films in which thieves blow up the door, take the money and get away skidding triumphantly leaving behind an authentic chaos. But looking back, formerly identification and the obligation to do everything face-to-face implied a certain sense of security. It could be said that with the introduction of online banking is an aspect that in some cases has been lost. Currently with a single click and fingerprint the ease of oppening bank accounts is undeniable and transacting comfortably from home is a daily reality. 

Last year, a survey by the Bank of America revealed that 62% of Americans use digital services as mobile applications and online portals to conduct their banking operations.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The weight of responsability

Not everyone is good at being a leader. History gave us perfect examples over the years, as it can be Spanish empire, going from “The empire on which the sun never sets” to just a part of the Iberian Peninsula with a handful of islands. Everything starts with the Habsburg´s Reign, whose decisions made fall down everything theirs ancestors build up…

Because of the bad decisions empires and companies have crashed, friendships have been broken and more. That´s why the responsibility positions have to be held for people able to decide and, in case of mistake, assume the consequences. Today, in the interview of the week we bring you Mohan Gandhi declarations, CEO at Entersoft Security, who is clear about the weight of his decisions. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Take care about germs

We call Mysophobia to the pathological fear some people feel about germs, dirt and pollution. It´s very easy to identify them because they use to develop a series of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD). We are talking about behaviors such as washing their hands in a compulsive way, not touching objects without wearing gloves... Those who suffer this phobia use to live terrified, fearing germs and thinking they are going to put and end to their health, and in many cases they en isolating themselves from society. 

We confess it, we a a little bit digital mysophobous. We don´t isolate ourselves (what would we do without our beloved Internet?), but we have developed a total repulsion for all kind of digital bugs and germs which want our data. Today, in our best of the week review, we are going to show you some of these new malware that  so many rejection provoke in us.