Monday, August 7, 2017

The remake culture

The last trailer of IT movie was released last week. This remake is again an adaptation of the homonymous history created by Stephen King in the 80s. As with this remake, we find old videogames reeditions, old movies that become TV series... It´s hard to find an original idea related to audiovisual culture nowadays. The reason (or problem for some) is not that   there is no people with original ideas, but that taking something that worked in the past is gives us more security than something completely new. 

 Probably you are thinking that in a rapidly changing world as the the cybersecurity world is this logic has no sense, don´t you? We regret to say that you are wrong and we can prove it (paradoxically) by going back to the past. 
Do you remember the so feared "blue screen"? you were surfing the Internet in the early 2000 or finishing this classroom work at the university ans Suddenly BUM! This image appeared and we could consider all our work lost. It looked like we got rid of it but it came back last year, like a ghost from the past. Why? Because an Avast antivirus failure. At least, they could fix it quickly. 

But, what if this problem from the past has always been there? Actually we have to fight day by day with new virus created by cybercriminals to take control of our data. But they are not the only menace, there are many others that remained hidden, far away from the first firing line but still harming. A perfect example of spyware was Project Saurom what was allegedly funded by a goverment...

However there are things that never change. For example, it doesn´t matter how many security breaches we witness every day or that they steal our data for a second consecutive time, it looks like that  we do not realize that how easy is to crack a weak password. As a sample, last year a research with the10 most popular passwords cracking tools was released. Yes, yes, TEN.

A good way to solve this problem could be the biometric authentication implementation. We are talking about finger prints, facial recognition... However there are things that never change, as we said, and this is also true in this case. Six out of ten Spaniards are reluctant to this kind of technologies implementation and they prefer their life long passwords.

As we see, many of us like to live in the past, but it doesn´t mean that it was better than the present. And most importantly, there are other moments in which the past comes back to scare us in unexpected ways. That´s why our advice is not to live so much in the past, but learning from it and be always ready so as to ensure that when we find "surprises" like that, you have the appropriate tools to face this menaces. 


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