Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The postman always rings more than twice

10 AM, you are enjoying a well deserved holiday and having a pleasant sleep when suddenly the door bell rings. You wake up upset, worried about about who is calling that time. When you pick up the entryphone and a creaking voice says "trading postman, can you open me, please?". Obfuscated, you hang up the entryphone and go back to bed. When you are ready to to to sleep, the bell rings again and you say to yourself: "It can´t be him". But it is him, and probably he will not leave until you or one of your neighbours open the door. 
At least, he is just somebody doing his work (no matter how annoying it is). Nevertheless, one of the most annoying things in daily live is junk mail, physically or digital.        

At least, now we know when must we clean our recycle bi. According to the research by  IBM X-Force, Tuesday is the day of the week with more spam launched. And it makes sense. As any other professionals, spammers make their research and they know Tuesdays is the key day for email-marketing, with more than 20% mail openings according to a HubSpot research.

"Contrary to the stereotypes, a cybercriminal is not necessary a lonely guy who lives in they parent´s basement" explains a spokesman from IBM X-Force. "Many of them work eight hours a day, from monday to Friday, like us, sending 85% of their spam along the week and stop doing that on weekends. 85% of the malicious spam contains ransomware, which will block your data until you pay a ransom".     

Ir respect of the time frame most used to send spam, IBM X-Force noticed the peak hour use to be 5AM (UTC), which means that in the East Coast its 1AM. "That’s because spammers start off with Europe before they follow the sun and start spamming recipients in the U.S. The big drop in spam comes at around 8 p.m. UTC, or 4 p.m. EST, but some spamming lingers thereafter, likely only in the U.S. at that point". 

This tendency coincides with the different malware families, such as banking trojans or ransomware, targeting organizations and not only users. Trojans such as Dridex, TrickBot y QakBot are malware designed to steal bank corporate mail accounts. That´s why they ensure to spam employees in those moments in which they will more readily open the incoming mails. 

Meanwhile the analyzed spam menace is real and it´s rising (it has grown a 40% last year and half of the analyzed spam contains malicious code) there are many was to avoid being tricked). While spam filters are not foolproof, they are a good  first line of defense (and it´s free in many cases). Anyway, we must make sure that we are marking as junk mail those accounts which are sending us spam  and to clean folders automatically.   

However, we must bear in mind that if Tuesday is the most active day for spammers, consumers and workers should be more effective on defense.  And as always, if a mail looks to good to be real, it probably is not. Users must be demanding about links and attached files. We must check misspellings, suspicious links and above all, anomalous senders, because these are the indicators that suggest something is wrong.     

As we see, cybercriminals, as well as postmen or any other worker have habits or even work times to perform their evil trades. The best we know their "modus operandi", the greater possibilities of fight them efficiently we will have.  For now, update your working habits and remember to clean your bin the "spam Tuesday".


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