Friday, August 25, 2017

The Grinch of cybersecurity

The figure of the Grinch was created by Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) to represent the negative aspects of Christmas, it means, the business sense of this tradition and not the love and peace message that Christmas should instill in society. Hence, The figure of the Grinch has been pushed right into being a green and hairy character that hates Christmas and  wants to put an end to the happiness of those who enjoys this tradition, stealing the gifts handed the 25th of December.  

In the cybersecurity world, unfortunately, there are no one, but many Grinchs prepared to steal our data and put an end to our happiness, being Christmas or summer, spring or Autumn. 

This week, those willing to upset everybody are OurMine. They started this Monday frightening Playstation Network users. After hacking Sony´s division social networks, the specialist in Twitter accounts hacking announced in a tweet that they had obtained the data bases with all the users. If it´s confirmed, it would be the second time Playstation gamers data end in cybercriminals hands. 

But it seems Our Mine had not enough. First it was HBO, then Playstation and this Wednesday the FC Barcelona was the victim of this group of hackers. After a rather tumultuous summer, the team´s fans woke up thinking they got a new player for their team after a tweet saying Angel Di Maria joined their team´s ranks. What a slap in the face when, thereupon, OurMine launched their classic message: Hi Barcelona, It’s OurMine (security group), please contact us – ourmine .org -> and sorry for the hoax.

But they are not he only Grinch wandering along the web and cutting swathes. Only yesterday FancyBear, the group supposedly linked to Anonymous came out. In their quest for showing big government agencies transparency, yesterday they filtered a report by World Anti-Doping Agency (WAA) in which 125 professional players had been positively identified as consumers of dopant and "recreational" substances. Names such as Tévez, Verón, Heinze or Kuyt were on the list.

But cybercriminals not only target the high echelons of society. The general population are among their objectives too. A perfect example to clarify this statement is that these Grinchs have found a gold mine in Facebook, the perfect place to spread their small evil minions. To fight against this plague, Tripwire guys made a basic list to help newbies (and those not so novice) in the fight against cybercrime. 

And to put and end, we don´t want to say goodbye without our interview of the week, more special than usual and dedicated to cyberterrorism and how to face it after the horrible attacks that took place in Barcelona the last Thursday 17th. 

The web could be an idyllic and appropriate place to share information and wisdom with people from around the world. Hence, Grinchs appear in a recurring way to deprive users of their data and restful sleep. However, we have not to allow them to take control of the web and  fighting against them day by day becomes a necessary duty if we want  enjoy a healthy and secure web. 


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