Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Diseases

The Best of the week in Cybersecurity

When we think about diseases, we think in virus, cold, constipations... Its one of the reasons why we like summer so much, we don´t have to be so  attentive to our health, or we should? Summer hot can play a dirty trick on us too: heat strokes, dehydration, sunburns, summer constipations... And in addition, bugs are like at home and get out of their hidings to take an ultraviolet rays bath. We are no longer only talking of the typical irritating flies, but about "bugs" like jellyfishes that can be  upsetting for us. 

Other bugs able to make our holidays bitter are our dear bugs which wander around the net 365 days a year. Today, in our review of the best of the week about cybersecurity, we will introduce you to some of these pleasant little bugs that have appeared, among other menaces and some good news.  

One of these bugs appeared this Monday, when The Register informed us that all those with an Android Smartphone were in risk because anyone would be able to get admin privileges in them.How? Thanks to the library of this kind of operating systems, and open door without locks to those able to find it. 

And its not the only Google product that seems to be "infected". In the middle of the week we knew seven new Chrome browser extensions t¡hat were in danger. Now, along with Copyfish, we can find in this select club others likeWeb Developer, Chrometana , Infinity New Tab , Web Paint, Social Fixer,  TouchVPN y Betternet VPN , so add them to your blacklist. 

Yo have always to think twice about it before downloading anything. The web is dark and host horrors, so it would be better to continue being wary. To emphasize in these precautions, in this weekly report its necessary to underline the list of tips that we found to avoid suppressive app installations. Some of them are basis such as dont´t trusting in free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo...) accounts or not trusting in poor descriptions. It´s basic, but we should remember it. 

With so many dangers, its happiness that there is more and more awareness about cybersecurity matters, so far that it is arriving even to elementary schools! At least, steps are being taken in the right direction. For example, this school in the Mara County in California: being aware of the incredible rising of the net security sector, they are offering "trainings" in cybersecurity matters for their students. Bravo for them

We don´t want to conclude without mentioning a new blog section, premiered this Monday. We are talking about the interview of the week, an overview of one of the many authoritative voices in the matter that can be found in on of the different and good digital journals in the Anglo-Saxon world. This time, the main character is Michael Daniel, former cybernetic advisor of the also former US President Barak Obama. 

It dosen´t matter if it´s summer, spring or autumn. The menaces against our health are always there to catch us with low defenses. In the cyberworld it happens the same and, in fact,its when we lower our defenses when cybercrime attacks become more frequent. So the advice that you should never forget is: prevention is better than cure.


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