Friday, July 21, 2017

The Lord of war.

In 2005 they released the film "The Lord of War", a movie starring by Nicholas Cage and directed by Andrew Niccol. In it they told us the story of Yuri Orlov, a dealer who was dedicated to selling illegal weapons to the highest bidder. . The most curious thing about this movie is that the story is based on the real character of Viktor Buot, alias the merchant of death. 

Unfortunately, on the web (more specifically Darkweb) we find many arms dealer. However, it is not only arms dealer, but also with malware as we gather today in our post dedicated to the "best" of the week about cybersecurity.

An example of malware traffic we found this Monday when we discovered the platform Hackshit PhaasS. This tool allows any user to launch a phishing attack for a small fee. The platform attracts new subscribers by providing them free accounts to evaluate their limited set of tutorials and hacking methods with which to make cash direct.

But this is not the only tool cybercriminals have launched this week. Yesterday we knew that a plague of tools to launch DDoS attacks was taking place on the net. The problem no longer lies in the huge supply that is (already worrying) but in that to make use of these apps it is not necessary any kind of knowledge. By having the IP address of the network we want to attack we have enough.

Just as these DDoS platforms do not need knowledge, other types of scams do require them. But do not worry, cyber criminals have thought of everything. It seems incredible but Digital Shadows has found in dark web's forums a "distance course" of six weeks to learn the art of credit card scams. Do you want to sign up? Now they have it for $ 745 plus $ 200 in course fees. Of course, it’s better if you know Russian, as it is only available in this language.

However, just as Viktor Buot ended up in jail, cybercriminals also fail to escape from justice in all the cases. Earlier this week, two Iranians were accused of stealing plans for the US by illegally getting in their networks. What did they steal? Plans to build different types of weapons like missiles ...

But they have not been the only ones who have been punished by law. Remember Citadel malware? One of responsible for its creation has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Remember that this malware caused losses of more than 500 million dollars around the world. Do you think it's an enough punishment?

Where there are misfortunes there are always people taking advantage of this to profit. Whether with weapons, malware or any other type of business. However, as we have seen, cybercriminals are not always able to escape the law andthey end up behind bars.


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