Monday, July 3, 2017

The arrival of the holidays

A year ago, today ...

Beginning july and with this hottest month is coming one of the moments most waiting by all:
The holidays. The kids have finished the school and are going to a summer camps, the youngs take the advantage to enjoy and know new placers and the families take the advantage for have a time with their beloveds . All with the only objective to enjoy and forget our concerns. Nevertheless, that moment to disconnect with the real world can be a nightmare. The holidays periods are the seasons of the years prederred by criminals for go into our house and take our precious goods.

In the cybersecurity world happen the same, although many times looks like is summer 365 days at year. Today, in our view back in time we gonna see some summer steals and summer courses too very interesting.

Not all of the news are good. One year ago we found out that the bank security of United Kingdom was on red alert because a banking trojan. Thanks to Retefe (the banking trojan) that made a improvement in the code, the cyber criminals get a booty of 10 millions of euros. The distribution was via spam message with an attachment that installs a false certificate on the computer.

This new was more worrying when we found out as well that the data theft in business networkings grew up a 29% since 2013. A study carried out by the institute Ponemon by in charge from the IBM relieved interesting data like the average cost for a business after a data steals, the way from the atacks, the source of the attacks being carried out or the cost of a response team.

Not even the big businessmen from the digital world are free from the cybercriminals. If not, ask to  Google CEO’s, that had to see how the group OurMine got the credentials of their account in Quora. After steal them the identity, the group decided to post to all their 508.000 followers. A harmless hack, but that exposes how neglected we can become in security material.

Talking about summer courses (like the ones that happened last week), we can’t let pass the opportunity to remember the working day that they had a year ago at the Theater Real Carlos III in Aranjuez. On that occasion the presentations that take more of 15 professionals from the sector were about the relationship between  Fintech and Cybersecurity. Machine Learning, Big data analysis, mobil payment and a very much more in a working day that had a lot success.

The holidays have to be a relax moment, the peace for rest and forget all the problems that we found in a day. Nevertheless, that we are more relax don’t means that we forgot all our obligations. Maybe we take a rest, but we can’t forget that the cyber criminals never do it.


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