Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gold fever

When we talked about the “gold fever”, we referred to the massive migration that was on U.S around the century XX and lasted almost a whole year. This migration was because the discovery of millions gold mines throughout the American territory.Mexico, California, The Appalachians, Nevada..This was motivated for the American dream for have a better life style and its enrichment. Unfortunately, between all the people that were on the mines, just some of them got to make fortune. 

Since then, a lot of the population have this gold fever which find business with which to make a fortune. Today in our study of the week we gonna check that we have found the last golden edge of the moment: infrastructure in the cloud.

According to data compiled by IDC, revenues from sales of infrastructure products (serve, storage and conmunation Ethernet) for the cloud , including public cloud and private, grow up a 14,9% in the first trimester of 2017 arriving to the 8.000 millions. With this data, the sells on infrastructure from the cloud ascend a 38% of global spending from IT during the first quarter of 2017, a increase of all most a third part respect the last year.

Private cloud infrastructure growth was led by Ethernet switch at 15.5% year-over-year growth, followed by storage (excluding double counting with servers) at 10.0% and server at 2.1%. This datas are more stiking compare with the tradicional infraestructre income (that which has nothing to do with the cloud), declined a 8% during the first trimester of the year.

The income from the infrastructure on the private cloud it is led by Ethernet switching a 15%year-over-year growth, followed by the storage (taking out the double counting servers) with a 10% and the services with a 2,1%. As for the public cloud we checked that t the head is storage with an increase of almost 50%, followed by Ethernet switching with 22% and servers with 8.7%.

“After a weak perfomance during 2016, the storage purchases for the cloud have experimenter an increase during the first trimester, driving global growth of the segment” said Natalya Yezhkova, research director of Enterprise Storage en IDC. “In general, the first trimester marked a fort year beginning for the market of the infrastructure cloud. With a positive dynamic in the buying activity by hypercalores in all technological segments we expect a strong year for the public cloud segment.In addition, as end users continue to take advantage of the benefits of private cloud infrastructures, the expense of these segments will also expand. "

From a regional perspective, the infrastructure engineers from the cloud have grow up faster in Canada with a 59% more in the first trimester since 2017, followed by Japan with a 15,3%, U.S with a 15,1% , middle East and Africa with a 13,2, western Europe with a 8,9%, Latin America with a 7,8% and finally Center Europe and east 7,2%.

Like we checked, the infrastructure service on the cloud is an upward business that in the next years is going to become a gold mine for its producers. Nevertheless, although we have for a while , at same that happened with the gold excavations, this investment can be exhausted too, for this reason have to analyze always why is good and bad in this type of services.


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