Friday, July 7, 2017

A matter of trust

The best of the week about Cybersecurity

Relationships are based on the trust we place in other person. No matter if it is Love, friendship or business. Trust is one of the key elements on which a good relationship is based. the trust is one of the most important pillar that make a good relationship. That is why, when this pillar is broken, it is very difficult for the injured person to trust the other one again. So, in the world of cybersecurity, security breaches not only pose a risk for data loss, but also because real stakeholders can no longer trust companies that have their data.

Today,in our review about the best of the week in cyber segurity ,we are going to talk about this question on trust and unfortunately, we will also talk about many security breaches. 

We begin this week with the new that have brought about a lot of insegurity on Facebook users. Following the increase in terrorist attacks that are taking place in recent years, the moderators of this social network will be able to access the private messages of those profiles that are suspected of terrorism. This decisión have as object can avoid future catastrophes but… ¿Up to what point we gonna let the privacity sideways because the fear? ¿ Who decides which are suspect and who not?

But talking about trust, nothing is worse that cheat to your clients, . While some may not seem like a lie, what the AA car insurance company has done is of extreme gravity. . The last thuesday we found out that the company had suffered a breach of security that had leaked more than 100.000 data of its customers. But it this wasn´t enought worried, AA officials did not notify their customers of this theft. A good way to maintain trust.

When we found out news like this ones we are wondering ¿on who we can trust? ¿Is it so difficult to find the support we need in the network? Other datas that make us surprise this week were that two out of three law firms on U.S have suffered a security breach . The study, made by the Logicforce company, survey about 200 signatures ... just take accounts.

But while it is true that this news make us doubt about the trust on networking, there are also many others who fulfill. For example, this Monday Intel AMT solved a bug that was present in 38 of its products. And are not the only, yesterday Cisco was able to fix 3 vulnerabilities  in the Elastic Services Controller and Ultra Services Framework.Of course, the patch had to be implemented by the administrator.

Like we cheaked, build a relationship of trust on netwoking is not easy. The cyber criminals are always  waiting to take advantage of our mistakes, but they are not the only danger. The companies who are not aware are too (it’s hard to believe nowadays ¿isnt’t it?). Having a trust network is everyone's responsibility.


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