Monday, July 31, 2017

Now you can see it… and now you can’t

A year ago, today ...

Magicians’ profession has existed since immemorable times. In its creation at the Medo Imperium (century 7 b.C) in the mesopotamian rivers it was related to religion.  Through the times, it ended up being related to wise people and scientists. Nowadays, however, magicians are related with illusion and magic shows. They amaze the audience with their ‘mystic art’ which are nothing but tricks in order to make people believe they are watching something which actually is not real.

Magician’s job is about hidding the truth, lying to the audience and surprise them when they are not aware. Today in our retrospective we are checking that the cybersecurity world is full of magicians who hide information and leave people speechless (and not always for good).

Friday, July 28, 2017

No pain, no gain

We are in summer. It is holidays and beach time, so you can go and swim in the sea. However, you get a bad feeling when you are in front of the sea with your flip-flops full of sand. It is time to take your t-shirt off and show your ‘curves’ to the people. At that moment you remember when you joined the gym in the beginning of the year to get on shape for the summer season. You couldn’t have started happiest, but after after second day, your friend called you for having some beers and you thought ‘that’s alright, I’ll get back to the gym tomorrow or the day after…’

No pain, no gain. This sentence comes true everyday in social networks’ world. As an instance, today we are talking about the best of the week in cybersecurity.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The courtyard´s weak link

The report of the week

One of the most recurrent characters in The Simpsons is Nelson Muntz. This school thug has been terrorizing Sprinfield´s Primary School students for more than 30 years, interfering with the swots, with the kids parents or with another not so"exemplary" students, like the incorrigible Bart Simpson. Although there are some chapters in which we have discovered the human side of this thug, his character have not changed  at all and he continues exploiting the school courtyard most weak students.  

In the cybersecurity world we have learned the lesson and we know that there is no one, but many Nelson Muntz hovering over Internet and any internaut could become a victim of their "bullying". But, who are the weakest links in the digital courtyard? 

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Red Dawn

A year ago, today ...

In the last years of the Cold War (1984) the Red Dawn movie was released in the USA. The film was directed by John Millius and featuring stars of the time such as Patrick Swayze or Charlie Sheen, and it was a propagandist delirium in a war film format that served the US citizens as a self-indulgent excuse. But it started with a never seen before premise: the Russian Army, together with the Cuban an Nicaragua armies were able to invade the freedom country, defeating its armed forces.

This maneuver was later dismantled by a group of  "heroic" and patriotic US kids. Nevertheless, this beginning was almost unthinkable, even more in the period we are talking about. Today we remember in our retrospective how one year ago Russians were able to beat the USA, althougt it was in the cybernetic world. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Lord of war.

In 2005 they released the film "The Lord of War", a movie starring by Nicholas Cage and directed by Andrew Niccol. In it they told us the story of Yuri Orlov, a dealer who was dedicated to selling illegal weapons to the highest bidder. . The most curious thing about this movie is that the story is based on the real character of Viktor Buot, alias the merchant of death. 

Unfortunately, on the web (more specifically Darkweb) we find many arms dealer. However, it is not only arms dealer, but also with malware as we gather today in our post dedicated to the "best" of the week about cybersecurity.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Butterfly Effect

The report of the week

The Chaos Theory is based on the premise that small variations can make great changes in the future,it's impossible to predict anything in long term only with linear logical sequence approaches. This scientific theory is known popularly thanks to the concept of the butterfly effect, whose explanation is better understood through an ancient Chinese proverb: "The beating of the wings of a butterfly can cause a
 hurricane in another part of the world." This means that a small event that you may consider
unimportant may turn around and become a catastrophe.

In the world of cybersecurity we know that any small  misstep or bad step can lead to more than one problem. That's why networks are full of butterfly effects, small "unimportant" events that can be fatal to business and users.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Obstacle Race

A year ago, today ...

The obstacle race is one of the athletic competitions that more concentration of the athlete needs. You don't only need to run to the maximum to reach your goals, you also have to get around fences and jump over them. About a metre (0.971m) for men and a bit less (0,762 m) for women. To be able to get it you have to measure well the time of jump, the stride and the distance, since a mistake can be fatal and you can hit your bones on the ground. Not to mention that you probably end up wet and last when crossing the finish line.

In the world of cybersecurity, we find ourselves in an endless obstacles race. Sometimes we are the ones who make the way tricky to cyber criminals, but other times they are the ones who are in charge of preventing us from accessing our data... Today in our throwback to the past we will see who throw a spanner to the other team.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Winning the battle

There is a typical scene in the movies that takes place when our spy (James Bond, Jason Bourne or Ethan Hawke) looks at his enemy, who is defeated on the ground, and he screams in full of rage: “You may had won the battle, but not the war!” This phrase has been pictured in everyone's mind. But, what this means? In the entertainment and fiction business means that this bad guy will escape and turn the world upside down again, until our favorite hero stops him one more time. In the real world ... well... ok. Vietnamese might not win many battles but it is clear that they won the war.

Today we remember this phrase because after taking a look at the best of the week in cybersecurity, we found mixed feelings, as we have seen that many battles have been won, but the war is still to be decided.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lock the door

The report of the week

Vacations are already here and it is time to leave home to enjoy a well-deserved rest, away from the routine and work. BBut, if you are a regular reader of our blog (and if not, you should also know), this time of the year is the favourite one for criminals to take our personal stuff, weather cybernetic or not. So, if you have readed us, we know that you have made sure to leave everything closed and locked tight so that no one can take advantage of your days off. However, ¿What is use locked the door if the bolt is broken?

After knowing the data collected in the Tripwire report, we are sure that there are many users who are asking themselves about it. Some security solutions no longer build trust for users and that can be a very important problem. Especially if the data corroborate this mistrust.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The weight of fame

A year ago, today ...

Most of us have fantasized about  ​​being famous sometime. Whether it's a reputed actor, a rock star who spends all day on the road or a celebrity who travels from interview to interview on all TV sets. However, like everything good thing in this life, fame has a dark back and is the loss of privacy. Some people say that it is the price of fame, but the exposure levels to which public figures are exposed are over  the humanly acceptable in many cases.

Today in our step back to the past we will talk about that loss of privacy, the victims of cybercrime in Spain and about the biggest celebrities in the world of cybersecurity.

Friday, July 7, 2017

A matter of trust

The best of the week about Cybersecurity

Relationships are based on the trust we place in other person. No matter if it is Love, friendship or business. Trust is one of the key elements on which a good relationship is based. the trust is one of the most important pillar that make a good relationship. That is why, when this pillar is broken, it is very difficult for the injured person to trust the other one again. So, in the world of cybersecurity, security breaches not only pose a risk for data loss, but also because real stakeholders can no longer trust companies that have their data.

Today,in our review about the best of the week in cyber segurity ,we are going to talk about this question on trust and unfortunately, we will also talk about many security breaches. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gold fever

When we talked about the “gold fever”, we referred to the massive migration that was on U.S around the century XX and lasted almost a whole year. This migration was because the discovery of millions gold mines throughout the American territory.Mexico, California, The Appalachians, Nevada..This was motivated for the American dream for have a better life style and its enrichment. Unfortunately, between all the people that were on the mines, just some of them got to make fortune. 

Since then, a lot of the population have this gold fever which find business with which to make a fortune. Today in our study of the week we gonna check that we have found the last golden edge of the moment: infrastructure in the cloud.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The arrival of the holidays

A year ago, today ...

Beginning july and with this hottest month is coming one of the moments most waiting by all:
The holidays. The kids have finished the school and are going to a summer camps, the youngs take the advantage to enjoy and know new placers and the families take the advantage for have a time with their beloveds . All with the only objective to enjoy and forget our concerns. Nevertheless, that moment to disconnect with the real world can be a nightmare. The holidays periods are the seasons of the years prederred by criminals for go into our house and take our precious goods.

In the cybersecurity world happen the same, although many times looks like is summer 365 days at year. Today, in our view back in time we gonna see some summer steals and summer courses too very interesting.