Friday, June 23, 2017

The paradigm of artificial intelligence

The treatment of artificial intelligence and its settling to the everyday world has always been a controversial subject. Before it became a reality, many authors dreamed with the problems and case studies that might be the subject that we are discussing today.

Moving away from literature and fantasy, Artificial Intelligence is already a reality and its execution in the everyday world is happening. For this reason, in the 18th edition of the Summer Courses of Rey Juan Carlos University we wanted to dedicate a speech to the legal and social aspects that these new techniques represent.

Round Table: Artificial intelligence, legislation and society.

Artificial intelligence is a paradigm shift. That is why we have created a round table where different speakers from different areas will discuss how artificial intelligence affects the technological area, related legal aspects. Also the impact on privacy and society of the use of these approaches in our daily life. The speakers who will sit around the table are:

José María Anguiano 

Garrigues Madrid partner, This lawyer have 23 years of exclusive dedication in the legal advice of technological companies, First as a founding partner of Anguiano & Asociados and since 2000 as partner of Garrigues. He has now focused on the litigious practice in the technological field.

Lucía Halty 

This psychologist is a teacher at Comillas university in Madrid. The areas of research carried out by the speaker range from topics like psychopathy and neuroscience to psychological profiles and neuroscience in forensic contexts. 

Fernando Velasco 

Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University. He is the current director of the Chair of Intelligence Services and Democratic Systems.

Romá Ramírez Giménez 

The head of security in Ferrovial architecture  has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and cybersecurity sector. He was responsible for systems at the first private ISP in Spain, encomIX, which later became PSINet Spain, where he played the role of Technical Director. He was responsible for pre-sales at eEye Digital Security (now called Beyond Trust), manager of technological risks at PricewaterhouseCoopers and is currently responsible for Security in Architecture at Ferrovial.

Rafael Ortega (Director General I4S)

Moderating a roundtable, Rafael is in charge of I4S as its General Manager, creating innovative solutions regarding cybersecurity. Thanks to him I4S has managed to be a unique company and a reference in the international scene, having for it the best team, a close relationship with the Rey Juan Carlos University and the support of BBVA.

These four experts will discuss in a relaxed way how it will affect the arrival of artificial intelligence in each of the areas in which they specialize and the changes involved.A paper that moves away from the technological to approach other issues that are also critical to understand the change that comes from the arrival of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cybersecurity.


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