Thursday, June 22, 2017

The challenge of cyber security

When you read the news that are  related to cybersecurity, it is hard not to feel devastated in many cases. Security gaps, phishing, ransomware everywhere ... Danger stalks behind any corner and you never know for sure if you'll be ready to face it.However, although the future may seem hopeless, there are always actors who are on the good side.

In the 18th edition of the URJC Summer Courses we will have the special collaboration of a speaker who works indeed for this last side. An analyst of one of the best world's leading computer companies.

VijayDheap - Cognitive Security Applied: Balancing the Economics of Cyber ​​Security

On Tuesday the 27th will be Jesus Cerquiadas' speech the Vijay Dheap speaker. The aim of your conference is for all attendees to better understand the challenge of computer security. To do this, we must first recognize the economic imbalance that has developed in recent years between cyber-defense and the cybernetic offensive. Today, the network landscape encourage cybercriminals more than it helps cyber security professionals.

Thus, if we analyze our approaches to cybersecurity with the aim of optimizing operations to obtain a higher security value we will realize that the basic cognitive tasks carried out by analysts need to be scaled in a effective way.
How to get it? Thanks to the application of cognitive technologies we can increase the productivity and efficiency of the analyst and so change the economic balance towards our side.

For those who don't know yet Vijay Dheap, we just need to say that he is the director of emerging smart security programs at IBM, where he leads the great data security intelligence solutions for this company. He has led the formulation of IBM's mobile security strategies and is committed to the technological solutions that make it accessible. Vijay began his career as a developer and then as a business analyst before becoming a key member of the product management team of the security section at IBM. He also has an International MBA in the Duke Fuqua Business School and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

The implementation of these techniques for computer analysts are the necessary tools to be able to combat cybercrime more efficiently. They bring capacities that can turning the tables in the day by day battle. That's why this conference can not be missed in the Summer Courses organized by the Rey Juan Carlos University.


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