Monday, May 8, 2017

The focus of the infection

In 2011, the renowned film director Steven Soderbergh (known for films as "Traffic" and "Ocean's
Eleven") premiered Contagion. Between a conventional and a documentary film, the director told us the story of the spread of a deadly virus that affected the entire planet. From different perspectives, we witnessed how they were trying to palliate the infestation before the population was decimated, and how the different actors interacted in order to end the disease or get profit from it.

In such an infestation, being clear about the focus of infection makes fights against infestation easier to address. Today in our retrospective we will talk about sources of infection, robberies to food chains and we will review an interview with one of the founders of the National Association of Professionals of Ethical Hacking.

Speaking of the focus of the infection, last year we reviewed the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report of the far-off 2015. In it, the main conclusion was that 49% of the attacks that occurred that year came from Asia. But that was not everything; we also discovered that it was the continent that most malware housed on its computers.

That being said, we were not surprised that we had news about the investigation of the cyberattack in the Central Bank of Bangladesh that same week. Thanks to the research conducted by FireEye, we discovered that there were 3 different groups of cybercriminals acting in the bank's networks when it was attacked. In case you do not remember, the result of this theft was the loss of 81 million dollars. But... who of all the attackers got away with it?

However, not all threats took place in Asia. That same week we found out that the cybercriminals had hit the American fast food chain Wendy's a good bite. According to the company itself, 300 of its franchisees would have suffered a malware attack that infected an indeterminate number of payment systems. That same week, 36 US companies confirmed attacks on their data thanks to a hole in SAP.

And as mother's day is still fresh, we want to pay tribute to María José Montes, who besides of celebrating her day yesterday, is one of the founding members of the National Association of Professionals of Ethical Hacking. Last year we were lucky to be able to interview this Cordoban who is very active in conventions like the ConectaCon or groups like Hacks & Beers.

In Contagion, the focus of the infection was in Hong Kong but we did not know the origin of this virus until the end. That would have made it much easier for researchers to address how to deal with the disease. That is why knowing where the attacks come from is very important, since it helps not to start with blindfolds when it comes to ending the threats.


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