Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feast today, famine tomorrow

The report of the week

In these times, saving on resources has become a prime tool of any small, medium or large public enterprise. As a general rule, the fact of not wasting and being thrifty is considered a virtue. However, one must be able to differentiate well between being thrifty and being stingy. We have proof of this in the wise Spanish collection of proverbs, like the phrase that titles this entrance to our study of the week.

This title has come to our mind imminently when we found out about the results of the latest report made by the University of Maryland and the International City / County Management Association (ICMA). This study reveals a rather disturbing conclusion: the main obstacle to achieving a high level of cyber security is the lack of funding.

So where does this lack of funding come from? According to respondents, inadequate budgets are the main impediment for local government information officers to obtain the highest level of cyber security for their organization.

The survey of more than 400 professionals in the sector also gives us as alarming data as 1 in 3 respondents said they saw an increase in cyberattacks to their organizations in the last year. But despite this increase, more than half of the chiefs surveyed found that abrupt obstacles were still on their way to achieving a higher level of cyber security.

As for these obstacles, the respondents pointed out 3 mainly:

  • 58% reported an inability to pay competitive wages. 
  • 53% attributed it to the lack of staff and small cyber security teams as the main obstacle. 
  • 52% cited the general lack of funds to address cyber security threats. 

Although adequate funding was listed as the primary need to reach an acceptable level of cyber security for local governments, improved cyber security policies ranked second. Finally, the podium would be closed by government employees who better understand cyber security, according to the study.

In addition to reviewing this report (which you can read here), we want to highlight another study hat has caught our attention this week. We talk about the points to be taken into account by the chiefs of computer security in the health sector, courtesy of the colleagues from Helpnetsecurity.

While it is true that saving is a virtue, we must know how to spend our resources. In this scale of priorities, cyber security has to be at the top, as cybercriminals will always be on the alert to take advantage of our oversights. So if we are going to sin, better not to do it by being stingy.


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