Monday, April 10, 2017

Was any passed time better?

A year ago, today ...

Back in 2011, Midnight in Paris was released, a film written and directed by Woody Allen. The film tells the story of a couple traveling to the French capital before their wedding. During their stay, the fiancé, a frustrated writer who lives idealizing the past, discovers that he can travel back in time and meet all the artists of the Golden Twenties.

Like every Monday, we join this retrospective and travel a year back in time, to see what the world of cybersecurity brought us and what the past can teach us to fix the present.

We started the week by discovering Subgraph, an operating system designed so that everyone could communicate without fearing that the more sophisticated adversaries could monitor or interfere with their communications. Although when it came out it was in trial period and could have some failures, it was conceived to be the safest operating system of all.

We continue with the defenders of our privacy, since a year ago ESET Spain published a guide that gathered the main tools that nowadays can decipher systems coded by some of the famous and fearful ransomware Locky, TeslaCrypt and Petya. A manual suitable for those who are less experienced that will help them if they have been victims of this type of cyber attacks.

And while we made sure to put more defenses on our security in the online world, here in the real world, those who try to profit by violating the rights and privacy of users were judged. We are talking about the start of the trial to Marcel Lehel Lazar, more known as Guciffer, for violating the e-mail accounts of various politicians, top officials and US actors, including George Bush or Hillary Clinton.

We also reviewed a very interesting interview with Katie Moussouris, the person behind the bug bounty programs of the Pentagon and Microsoft. Moussouris earned her reputation after working at HackerOne where she developed her work as an independent consultant until developing such programs.

It feels good to look back and see a bunch of good news together. However, we can not get intoxicated by the feeling of nostalgia. We can usually think that any passed time was better because we lacked information and the cybercriminals did what they wanted with us. However, that is why we are here, always on the alert, to bring you the best and worst events that happen in the online world.


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