Monday, April 17, 2017

The spirit of Robin Hood

A year ago, today ...

Although his origin is not very clear, the figure of Robin Hood has become a common reference in the popular culture. The origins of the character are an amalgam of references to real outlaws and touches of fiction that enriched the character. With this premise was created a personality that transcended literature, and refers to a person who works to help the weakest from those who take advantage of them.

In our return to the past, we have found it impossible not to remember Robin Hood. In the world of cybersecurity there are also good Samaritans who have the bow ready to hunt down all those cybercriminals who try to profit at the expense of others.
An example of these heroes changes the bow and the green clothes for a suitcase and a suit. We are talking about Ruth Sala and the interview she gave us a year ago. This collegiate specialized in cybercrime well known in this sector told us her experience and showed us a little more closely how it is to deal with the current problems of cyberworld.

The work done by Ruth Sala and others "Robin Hood" has its reward. If you don’t believe it, ask Dmitry Fedotov, better known as Paunch. The author of the Blackhole, one of the most famous "exploit kit" for being a pioneer in the "rent-an-exploit-kit" model, was sentenced to 5-8 years in prison for causing a damage up to 25 million rubles to various banks.

This was not the only sentence that was imposed during that week. Hackers Aleksandr Andreevich Panin and Hamza Bendelladj were found guilty and they were sentenced to 9 and 15 years respectively. Their crime? Being involved in the creation, maintenance and commercialization of the bank Trojan and financial botnet SpyEye. While Panin had developed the Trojan, Bendelladj was responsible for creating various modules and the backend.

However, the role of Robin Hood is sometimes a bit blurred. That is the conclusion after reviewing a study that claimed that 66% of respondents believe that hacktivists should be arrested for violating the law but at the same time, 58% of them thought that these hacktivists are fundamental when it comes to discovering the abuses in society.

Although it seems a bit contradictory, it is quite consistent. That same week a German hacker showed to an American politician how easy it is to spy on someone just by knowing the phone number. Although it was only a demonstration, the doubt about whether he actually captured any kind of information is still up in the air...

Maybe Robin Hood was not as good as we have heard. After all, he was a robber and no matter how noble his intentions, we cannot say that it is well done. However, on the Internet we find a lot of experts and people who could well draw their inspiration from this figure, without harming anyone. And that's why today we dedicate our post to them.


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