Friday, April 7, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes

The best of the week in Cybersecurity

The cape is a piece of clothing that has always been associated with superheroes. While we associate it with other characters, such as a famous Basque host or the most popular count of all Transylvania, seeing a cape makes us think of defenders of the good, like Batman or Superman. However, back to the real world and agreeing to the fashion designer from 'The Incredibles', the cape is not a practical attire and it is not usually seen on the street.

Hence the phrase "Not all heroes wear capes”, but that does not mean that in both the real world and cybersecurity world they do not exist. This week, in our review of what the week has left us, we want to pay tribute to these defenders who remain anonymous.

This week, there is a squad of heroes who would be at the height of groups like The Avengers or The Justice League. We are talking about the managers of No More Ransom, who added 15 new decryption tools to the platform. Companies like AVAST, Bitdefender, CERT Polska or Kaspersky Lab are just a few names that have contributed to making cyberstreets safer for users.

However, there are some times that these heroes are not at street level, but in higher places. We found an example of this earlier in the week, when the European Union promised to make a legislation to lock the dreaded back doors in a maximum of two years. After several years of misunderstanding between rulers and hackers, at last they have got their act together and they are aware of the importance of this matter.

However, although day after day there is more awareness and these anonymous heroes do everything they can to safeguard our security in the online world, there are many cyber criminals worthy of any James Bond movie. Proof of this is the news that showed up this Tuesday. A group of cybercriminals got a 800,000€ loot in just one night. The victim: two Russian banks that were attacked by a malware that does not leave traces at ATMs.

And this is when reality beats fiction. The group 'United Cyber Caliphate', group of cybercriminals pro ISIS, published last Thursday a list with the personal data of 8,786 of its objectives. To make the statement more disturbing, the group has accompanied its threat with a threat video.

There will be threats everywhere. The world of cybercrime and cybersecurity may not be as glamorous or entertaining as the one we see in comics or in movies. However, these heroes exist and they are responsible of making our daily internet surfing much safer.


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