Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The internet cloud goes up it value

The report of the week

Although we would like to have an infinite memory, unfortunately our memory is limited and we have to use photos, videos or daily diaries to save those moments and to be able to live them over and over. With some ephemeral social networks (Snapchat and its imitations in the Facebook conglomerate), who don't want those memories for more than 24 hours, these are instants that we would like to keep forever. So that why we use  tools within our reach:  the external hard drives and the cloud, the so famous cloud.

The same goal have companies with their data: Not lose them. Therefore, according to the data of the new Report made by Gartner,  The world's leading IT research and consulting company.  Companies are increasing their budget in the IT industry across the globe. Traditional computer systems are declining, Since other digital technologies such as AI and virtual reality are having an excellent acceptance in the field. According to Forbes magazine, where the report was published, by 2018 more than 60% of companies around the world will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms.

And to be continued with our efforts to keep  memories (or our date in this case), CIOs are prioritizing the use of cloud services, as well as cybersecurity and data analysis. That is why Gartner predicts that the spends on security will reach $ 3.5 trillion by the end of 2017. In general, this growth should be bigger than 2.7%, however political uncertainty in the markets slowed down that growth.

Another issue that the Gartner report talks about is the use of an hybrid cloud. By 2020 the hybrid between public and private cloud will be the most common model.The mix of elements from both clouds will help the company achieve a few organizational goals, such as making real-time business decisions or improve customer experience. Although the costs of the hybrid cloud are higher, it reduces downtime and data recovery, like after a phishing attack. This is an element to keep in mind, as the latest PhishLabs report reveals, the new goal of phishing campaigns are services hosted in the cloud like Google or Dropbox.

But the cloud has a clear competitor, as it has to compete with investments in IoT. The companies are investing 24% of their average IT budget on the Internet of Things (IoT).  The report also reveals that 89% of companies are investing in IoT and have increased their spending on IT since 2015. and part relates to do because the same report predicts that more than 25% of the attacks identified in the companies will involve the IoTy, before I loses control, organizations must take appropriate preventive measures and incorporate some security solutions into their work systems.

Finally, we also wanted to highlight another report, which reveals that cyber ​​attacks have cost $ 41,334 to small businesses Small businesses due to their lack of resources, compared to big ones, cannot be afforded by specialized cybersecurity staff with the dangers that it has. That is why uploading data to the cloud could help these companies to recover their data, stolen or lost, in a shorter time. So do not doubt to have backups, whether you are a company or a user , that a cyber attack does not erase our memories.


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