Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Out of sight, out of mind

The Report of the week

The term 'Digital Natives' is being generalized with a wrong meaning that has to be clarify. Yesterday was the International Safer Internet Day and some worrying information came to light, such as that 38% of the children access to Internet without parenting supervision and through theirs devices. We could say that parents underestimate the dangers of the Internet. Something that is duplicate in companies around the world, who believe they are safe from cybercriminals.

The porpouses of these online professionals theft have diversified and not only focus on financial institutions, it also affects any organization that relies on email addresses and passwords to authenticate their users.

A new Bugcrowd study of one hundred CISOs revealed that 94% are concerned about gaps in their assets and in particular their apps. As soon as more applications become more accessible to the public, more violations occur at the app level, and to keep inform, security leaders continue to prioritize security budgets in this area.

IT organizations are stuck when it comes to security: 71% of respondents face resource problems within their organizations, but the few resources that they invest, are focused on cloud-based applications with 59% of applications. Jason Haddix, chief security officer at Bugcrowd, commented that as companies diversify their investment, modern application security teams will continue to face cybersecurity problems.

Most attacks are carried out through ransomware, the predominant type of malware distributed through phishing, and it focuses on organizations that should not have financial problems to pay for the ransom, as health, governments, education, and small companies. Making a country ranking the United States is the winner with 81% of the attacks, although there was a significant growth in Eastern Europe. In addition to the 237% increase of attacks in Canadian institutions

Another significant fact is that data breach cases have increased by an astonishing 350% between 2007 and 2015 and to fix it, companies use an average of 4.8 security tools and services.

This study is closely related to some of the news of the day that we have highlighted and deserves to take a look. It emphasizes the need of more qualified and full time IT staff the problem is not about the wrong use or lack of technology and programs against cyber attacks, but the professionals who know how to operate and make good use of them. That is why companies should make a small investment in hiring good CTOs that will save them many headaches in the future and in the day by day.
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