Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Be careful with the attachments!

The Report of the week

In recent years, the number of theft of sensitive data from third parties to companies has grown, a very worrying issue. In more than half of the cases confidential data were sent to the wrong person by mistake and, surprisingly, such failures are caused by senior executives and not "newbies", which is what any upstart might think.

The new Mimecast report indicates that cyber security is not up to date with perceived threats and actual damage. The report combines data from their E-mail Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) with a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne on corporate cybersecurity.

One of the most significant data is that, according to most respondents, their organizations had experienced cybersecurity problems. 7 out of 10 suffered malicious attacks from an infected user in their organization, which infected the rest and half of them were delivered via e-mail attachments. As a result of these results only 30% think that their organizations had a complete cybersecurity system and 5 out of 10 say they are in the process of implementing it.

Another significant data is the detection of 1,697 email accounts fraudulently supplanted. Spoofing e-mail identities is a very dangerous "weapon", as it uses seemingly reliable return addresses, which facilitates attempts to extract sensitive information from the recipient. The reality is that the detection systems of these impersonations are not very effective because, according to the data, 34% of the respondents suffered data loss that caused damages in the field of reputation and, of course, in the economic area.

Almost half of the employees believe that the management team of their company does not know sufficiently the operation and consequences of the impersonation to be able to protect itself of her. And they are right: 41% of CEOs underestimate e-mail security measures and do not know enough to protect themselves from a potential identity theft attack.

And finally, we have to talk about the famous ransomware. More than half of Ransomware attacks occur through attachments or links, although they can also come from browsing on dubious security websites. Organizations can take an average of 4 days to recover data after an attack, but fortunately, 98% of organizations (a very high percentage) have backups. We do not know what the remaining 2% thinks ... Are not they taking much longer than normal?

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